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Chapter 67: Go Beyond Mind and Matter

Secondly, you will become aware that whatever sadness you have been suffering was not real. You were the creator of it, you were the author; unknowingly you have been doing this. It seems difficult to believe that your sadness is your imagination, because then the whole responsibility falls on you. Then no one else is responsible, then you cannot throw it on God, on fate, on others, on society, on wife, on husband - you cannot throw it anywhere. You are the creator, and whatsoever is happening to you, you are creating it.

Try it for seven days, consciously. And then, I say, you will never be sad again - because you will have known the key.

Then for seven days try just being in a stream of bliss - floating in it, every breath giving you ecstasy: just feel it. Start with sadness for seven days and then for seven days move to the contrary. And when you move to the direct opposite, you will feel it better because the contrast will be there.

Then only can you try this experiment - because it is deeper than happiness. Sadness is the surface, happiness is the middle, and this is the last core, the innermost core, the cosmic essence. Feel your substance, bones, flesh, blood, saturated with the cosmic essence, with eternal life, with divine energy, with cosmic essence. But don’t start it directly because then you will not be able to touch it. Start from sadness, then move to happiness, and then try the origin, the very origin of life - the cosmic essence. And feel yourself filled with it.

In the beginning you will become aware again and again that you are simply imagining it, but don’t stop. Even imagination is good. Even that you can imagine something worthwhile is good. You are imagining, and in the very imagination you are changing. It is you who are imagining. Go on imagining, and by and by you will forget completely that you are imagining it - it will have become a reality.

One of the greatest books ever written is the Buddhist scripture, “Lankavatara Sutra.” Buddha says again and again to his disciple Mahamati, he goes on saying again and again, “Mahamati, this is only mind. Hell is mind. Heaven is mind. The world is mind. Enlightenment is mind.” Mahamati asks again and again, “Just mind? Just mind? Even nirvana, enlightenment, just mind?” And Buddha says, “Just mind, Mahamati.”

When you understand that everything is just mind, you are freed. Then there. Then there is no bondage, then there is no desire. In “Lankavatara Sutra,” Buddha says that the whole world is just like a magical world, a city of Gandharva, as if a magician has created a world. Everything appears to be there, but it is there only because of the thought form.

But don’t start with outer reality, that is too far. That too is mind, but it is very away from you. Start from the very near, you own moods; and you will be the master if you can feel and know that they are your own creation.

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