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Chapter 5: Meditation: The Method of Great Liberation

Even Christian scholars are finding all the miracles of Jesus unfounded. They have been added three hundred years after Jesus, to give him a glamour that he is really the son of God. All pure fiction!

Now there is a great controversy going on in Christian circles: can we accept Jesus if his miracles are proved fictitious? Take away the miracles and Jesus is nothing. But take anything away from Gautam Buddha, he is still a Gautam Buddha. You cannot take away anything from him because nothing is added. He has remained simply himself, no fiction, no mythology. This is a real miracle, that a man who influenced the whole East also managed that nobody add any mythology, any fiction to his life. His life has remained a pure flame without any smoke.

All the buddhas have entered and left.This is only a door. It is not a place to live, it is simply a passage to pass through..and left by this door.

“Bodhisattvas practicing it have entered this door. Disciples and self-enlightened ones are still only halfway there, while outsiders, though they practice, do not enter the right path.”

If you are doing some practice outside, that means you are doing some yoga exercise, distorting the body this way and that way, standing on your head. And nobody ever thinks, “Is self-realization a certain posture of the body?” You can go on standing on your head for your whole life but still you will not become enlightened; you will just become a very fat head. All the blood will accumulate in your head, your hands and legs will slowly start shrinking. Certainly you will not be a human being anymore, but just a big football with small hands and legs. It is a miracle, but what can you do with such a miracle?

This statement, Disciples and self-enlightened ones are still only halfway there.They have not even reached the door.

It will be a little difficult to distinguish between the enlightened one and the self-enlightened. The self-enlightened is only imagining that he is enlightened. Nobody can prevent you from imagining any kind of thing you want. And nobody can refute you, because there is no way to refute and there is no way to argue for or against.

I have heard about a madman who got the idea that he was dead. Madness was not enough, he added something more. He would say, “I know that I am dead.”

People said, “Don’t say such things; you are talking, you are walking, you are eating.”

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