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Chapter 11: Meditation Has No Gate

And what is the meaning of sitting? Like lightning, all thoughts come and pass. Just remain watchful, don’t make any judgment or identification. Let them come and go, just like lightning. Remain in your depths, just silent and witnessing, and you will be surprised: nothing else has ever been, except your inner depth. Your innermost silence is the stuff existence is made of.

Maneesha is asking:

The story of Zuigan seems to hit the nail on the head, doesn’t it?
Is it not so, that we are literally “lost in thought” and found again in meditation?

Maneesha, ordinarily what you are saying is absolutely right. In thought, you are lost, in meditation you are found. But if you want to listen to the answer in Zen language, there is no losing and no finding.

There is simply silence.

You are not.

These songs of the cuckoos pass through you just as through a hollow bamboo.

In thoughts, you start imagining that you are. When thoughts are not there, don’t start imagining that now you really are. Once thoughts are gone - you are also simply a thought - you are also gone. Then what remains is only a pure consciousness, without any “I” attached to it.

You don’t find yourself, you simply lose yourself - both ways, Either you lose yourself in thoughts or you lose yourself in no-thought. But losing yourself in thought is very ordinary; losing yourself in no-thought has a splendor and an eternity of joy and bliss. You are not there, but there is a dance of pure consciousness. It is not your dance - you are gone with your thoughts. You were nothing but the combination of your thoughts. As your thoughts disappear one by one, part by part you melt away. Finally, you are no longer there.

And this is the moment - when you are no longer there - that the ultimate is in your hands.

It is a strange situation:

When you are, your hands are empty.

When you are not, your hands are full.

When you are, you are simply in misery, anguish. When you are not, there is bliss. You cannot say, “I am blissful” - there is only bliss.

There is only silence.

There is only truth.

The cuckoos have become silent, waiting for a few laughs from you. Remember, laughter is one of the ways in which you can disappear. Only laughter remains.

[The sound of the cuckoo is heard.]

The cuckoo has started again, calling forth.

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