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Chapter 7: Entering into Your Own Body

He said, “How I started? I started to think, continuously, ‘God is everywhere,’ and whatsoever I would touch, I would think, ‘Here is God.’ I would look into the eyes of a man, and I would say, ‘Here is God.’ And I would repeat it and repeat it, and by repeating it continuously for three years, one day it suddenly dawned over me: he was everywhere.”

I told him, “Do one thing. It took three years? Do one thing. You will be here with me for seven days. For three days stop thinking about God.”

He said, “What do you mean? I cannot do it. For thirty years I have been continuously thinking about God, and it has given me tremendous peace and I have been very, very blissful - and why should I stop for three days?”

I said, “Just to see whether, if you stop for three days, you can still see God or not. If you cannot see him, then these thirty years you have lived in a beautiful dream - sweet, but a dream all the same.”

He became intrigued. He was afraid to try it, but then he became more and more interested too. Whenever you become afraid of something, you become infatuated too. First he denied it, but I could see that he would not be able to resist the temptation. Next morning he said, “Okay, I will try. I trust God, and I know he is everywhere. Just by not thinking do you think I will not be able to see him?”

I said, “I don’t say anything. There is no need to conclude right now. Let the experiment be done. For three days stop thinking, stop imagining - stop altogether. Just move backward, thirty years back. Become that man who has never thought about God and who has not projected God everywhere.”

By the third day, the man became ordinary. The aura disappeared, his eyes became empty. That peace was no longer there. He started crying, and he said, “You have disturbed me very much. My whole experience is lost.”

I said, “I have not disturbed you. You can start imagining again. I have simply showed you one truth, that even if you go on imagining for thirty lives, it will remain your imagination. You have started wrongly - and it is time you changed, because this is of no use. Thirty years of constant auto-hypnotizing, and gone within three days? It is of no worth.”

Start from the inner first, rather than projecting God. It is going to be a projection - you don’t know whether God is or is not. You know only the word, you know the tradition, you know the priest, you know the image that has been put into your mind. If you are a Christian, you can project Christ very easily and you can see Christ very easily. It will be a hallucination; it will be a sort of neurosis. If you are a Hindu, you can see Krishna very easily, you can project. If you are a Buddhist, you can see Buddha.

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