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Chapter 3: Walking the Tightrope

But logic won’t do in life. You cannot go free so easily.

You can come out of a legal trap legally and logically because the trap consists of Aristotelian logic - you can use the same logic to come out of it. But in life you will not be able to come out only because of logic, only because of theology, only because of philosophy, only because you are very clever - clever in inventing theories. You can come out of life or you can go beyond life only through actual experience.

There are two types of people who are religious. The first type is childish; who is searching for a father figure. The first type is immature; it cannot rely upon itself, hence it needs a God somewhere or other. The God may exist or not - that is not the point - but a God is needed. Even if the God is not there the immature mind will invent him, because the immature mind has a psychological need - it is not a question of truth whether God is there or not, it is a question of psychological need.

In the Bible it is said God made man in his own image, but the reverse is more true: man made God in his own image. Whatsoever is your need you create that sort of God, that’s why the concept of God goes on changing in every age. Every country has its own concept because every country has its own need. In fact, every single person has a different concept of God because his own needs are there and they have to be fulfilled.

So the first type of religious person - the so-called religious person - is simply immature. His religion is not religion but psychology. And when religion is psychology it is just a dream, a wish-fulfillment, a desire. It has nothing to do with reality.

I was reading..

A small boy was saying his prayers and concluded with this remark, “Dear God, take care of Mommy, take care of Daddy, take care of baby sister and Aunt Emma and Uncle John and Grandma and Grandpa - and, please God, take care of yourself, or else we’re all sunk!”

This is the God of the majority. Ninety percent of the so-called religious people are immature people. They believe because they cannot live without belief; they believe because belief gives a sort of security; they believe because belief helps them to feel protected. It is their dream, but it helps. In the dark night of life, in the deep struggle of existence, without such a belief they will feel left alone. But their God is their God, not the godliness of reality. And once they get rid of their immaturity, their God will disappear.

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