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Chapter 2: The Meaning of Maturity

I know the reason why: with a beggarly man she need not be worried about her money - and she thinks that she is helping these people with food, with small things. In fact she has never fallen in love. She is so much in love with money that she cannot fall in love with people. In fact she purchases these people for money; they are without any cost, without any risk. And they feel obliged because she gives food and clothing and a shelter; they feel obliged so they pretend that they love her, and she goes on pretending that she has fallen in love. This is a way to protect the money and this is a way to remain closed, miserly.

And she is suffering, in pain, but she cannot see the point. She has to learn how to share. If you know how to share, you are mature. If you don’t know how to share, you are immature.

And this sharing goes on, on all levels, in all directions, in all dimensions. Whatsoever you have, you share. And this is one of the most basic things to understand: that the more you share something, the more it grows in you. Share whatsoever you have and it will grow; cling to it, become afraid of sharing, of friendship, of love, and it will shrink. Life knows only one law, and that law is of expansion, of sharing.

Look at nature. Nature is such a spendthrift. When one flower is needed, a thousand and one flowers will bloom. When you make love to a woman or to a man, in each orgasm millions of cells are released. One would have been enough because at the most one child can be conceived, but millions of cells are released. One man can populate the whole earth - just one man! One ordinary man has intercourses at least four thousand times in his life - an ordinary man - and each time se millions of cells are released. The whole world, the whole population that exists right now, can be produced by one man. And if in the West, that man will become the father of only two or three, if in the East, twelve, fourteen, fifteen - that’s all. For fifteen persons to be conceived, millions of cells are released.

Nature is a spendthrift. Where one flower is needed it produces millions. One tree will produce. Look at this gulmohr - millions of seeds are ready. They will all fall down and a few - one, two, four, five, ten, twenty, a hundred - may become trees. Why so many seeds? Existence is not a miser. If you ask for one he gives millions. Just ask! Jesus has said: “Knock and the doors shall be opened unto you, ask and it shall be given.” Remember, if you ask for one, millions will be given.

The moment you become miserly you are closed to the basic phenomenon of life: expansion, sharing. The moment you start clinging to things you have missed the target; you have missed because things are not the target; you, your innermost being, is the target - not a beautiful house but a beautiful you, not a lot of money but a rich you, not many things but an open being available to millions of things.

When I say you are immature I mean you are too concerned with things and you have not yet learned that life consists of consciousness, of beings, not of things. Things are to be used. They are needed, but don’t start living by them. Man cannot live by bread alone: once living by bread alone, by things alone, you are already dead.

And the third thing: maturity is always spontaneous; it does not plan, it makes no rehearsals. People come to me.

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