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Chapter 1: Here It Is.

Akam, you also do the same. You drop sannyas and you also become the follower of the mahatma - because I want to get rid of all kinds of fools. And these mahatmas are good: they help me to get rid of stupid people. Physical immortality.. Now for millions of years man knows that everybody has to die and everybody dies. Buddha died, Mahavira died, Krishna died, Lao Tzu died, Jesus died, Mohammed died - everybody dies! Some foolish mahatma, some insane man still can attract people. That simply means people are mad. And this is not new - this type of people have always been around. One thing is good about these people: that while they are alive you cannot prove that they are wrong, and when they are dead, what can you do?

Sri Aurobindo used to say the same thing, that he has come to know the secret of physical immortality. When he died it was a shock, because he had thousands of followers. Few of my friends were there in his ashram and they reported to me that for twenty-four hours the news was not released outside the ashram because nobody could believe that Sri Aurobindo can die: “He knows the secret of the physical immortality, so he must be fast asleep or may have gone into deep samadhi.” But how long you can wait? After twenty-four hours it became absolutely clear that he was dead. But fools are fools - still they waited for two days more! Of course the news got leaked out, but still they waited for three days. When the body started stinking, when there was every proof that now keeping this body is absolutely absurd, they buried the body - still with the desire that he will come back in a new body. And they are still waiting.

And then they started thinking that The Mother who was the succeeder of Sri Aurobindo, she will live forever. Accidentally she lived very long, so their hopes were getting more and more bigger that: “She certainly knows the secret of physical immortality!” But then one day she died. Again the shock..

And this has been happening again and again. But one thing is good: you cannot do anything when a person is dead. You cannot argue with him, you cannot say, “What about your theories? What happened to your theories?” While he is alive of course you cannot disprove him. And there are fools always who will become interested in all kinds of stupid things.

Only very intelligent people can understand this statement:

“The ordinary mind is Tao.”

To be absolutely ordinary, to live an ordinary life, eating when feeling hungry, drinking when feeling thirsty, sleeping when feeling sleepy, young when you are young, old when you are old and dead when you are dead.! Don’t try to force on walking even while you are dead. Don’t try to live a posthumous existence. Don’t try to be a ghost!

I have heard one ghost saying to another ghost that, “Whatsoever you say, but I don’t believe in people!”

Even ghosts don’t believe in you, but you believe in ghosts! Even ghosts are not so foolish to believe in you, but your stupidity knows no limits.