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Chapter 5: On the Danger of Overweening Success

I have watched: people who run away to the Himalayas are perfect householders. Perfect, I say. They did too much, they overdid it. And when you overdo, the other extreme is bound to be born. It takes revenge. A man who was too much in the world, just accumulating riches, money, a bank balance, suddenly feels frustrated. He laughed too much, now tears are flowing. He escapes. He renounces, he becomes a sannyasin, goes to the Himalayas, moves to the caves. What has happened to this man? - you think a revolution? It is nothing like that. It is just a natural phenomenon - he was too much in the world, now he has to become just the opposite. And now twenty-four hours a day he will try to be a sannyasin - now again the same foolishness. One day he is bound to come to the marketplace again. Twenty-four hours a day he tried to be a householder - he could not be; now he is doing the same stupid thing again, for twenty-four hours a day he is trying to be a sannyasin.

Life is a rhythm. You breathe in, you breathe out. You cannot only go on breathing in, breathing in, breathing in - you will die. You have to breathe in and breathe out, and you have to keep a balance. The same amount of breath going in has to come out - then you are healthy. The life of the world is in-breathing and the life of a sannyasin is out-breathing. They both have to be together.

People come to me and they ask, “What type of sannyasins are you creating? We have never heard of this. What type of sannyas is this? People are living in their houses, they are doing their business, they go to the office, work in the factory, they have wives and children. What type of sannyas is this? We have never heard about it.” Yes you have never heard about it. But this is the only sannyas that is right, this is the only sannyas that is balanced. This is the only sannyas which has a harmony of in-breathing and out-breathing.

And the greatest possibility of attaining peaks of bliss is possible only when in-breathing and out-breathing are completely balanced. You are not leaning to any side too much - suddenly you are beyond both.

Lao Tzu says:

Stretch a bow to the very full
And you will wish you had stopped in time.

.because the bow will break. Stretch a bow to the full - it could have served you for long if you had been a little alert. Never stretch a bow to the full because fullness is always death. Life doesn’t want anything perfect, because with perfection evolution stops. Perfection is death; imperfection is life. Life loves imperfection. Become perfect and you are useless - life will throw you into the rubbish heap, you are no longer needed. Remain imperfect, and you will be alive and life will support you from everywhere. That’s why perfection is not the goal for Lao Tzu or for me - but totality.

You can be total without being perfect and you can be perfect without being total. In fact, you can only be perfect if you are not total, because perfection will choose either the right or the left; then you become a perfect rightist or you become a perfect leftist - or you become a perfect middler. But perfection means you are fixed; perfection means no change moves within you; perfection means now you are frozen, not flowing. And perfection is always partial.

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