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Chapter 10: Through These Enchanted Lands

I don’t teach renunciation, I teach that the whole world is yours, so why possess? What is the point of possessing? You possess moons and stars, you possess God. What else do you need?

Something is happening to my people here. You must be new to this place and you will not know why they are so much excited. Let me tell you one anecdote.

A teacher asked the children in her art class to depict on the blackboard their impressions of the most exciting thing they could think of.

The first little boy went to the board and drew a long jagged line. “What’s that?” asked the teacher.

“Lightning,” the boy replied. “Every time I see lightning I get so excited I want to yell.”

“Fine,” said the teacher. “That’s a very vivid picture.”

The second child, a little girl, drew a wavy line with the broad side of the chalk. That was her idea of thunder, she explained, which always made her feel excited. The teacher said that her picture was excellent, too.

Then little Neal stepped to the board, drew a single dot, and sat down. “What’s that?” queried the teacher, a bit perplexed.

“It’s a period,” replied Neal.

“Well, Neal, what’s so exciting about a period?”

“I don’t know, teach,” the boy answered. “But my sister has missed two of them, and my whole family’s excited!”

Now, the child cannot understand what is happening. The sister has missed two periods: it is beyond his comprehension. But the whole family is excited - he can see that.

You must be new here, a child. Go orange and you will understand what is so exciting, what is going on here. You will have to participate in it to know it - you will have to become part of this mad family. Go orange.

Enough for today.