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Chapter 8: The Gift of Existence

The first question:

It feels to me that my body is like a cage or bottle, in which a very powerful lion is imprisoned and he has been sleeping there for many lives, but now he has been awakened by your harassment. He is hungry and very impatient to be freed from the cage. Many times during the day he becomes enraged and roars, he leaps up roaring. Every cell of my body trembles from this roaring and leaping up, and the forehead and upper part of the head begin to burst with energy. After this I fall deep into an extraordinary intoxication and ecstasy. Then the lion becomes a little quiet, goes on wriggling within, paces up and down and keeps on growling. And then in kirtan, or in remembering you, he dances ecstatically too. Please explain what is going on.

Yoga Chinmaya has asked this question.

What is happening is good. It is happening just as it should. Don’t be frightened by it - let it happen. Help it in every way. A unique process has begun, whose final crescendo is liberation.

We are certainly imprisoned in the body - a lion locked up in a cage, confined for such a long time that he has forgotten his own roar, confined for such a long time that he has started thinking the cage is his home. Not only this, he has started thinking, “I am the cage. I am the body!”

A hit is needed. That’s why you are with me, so I can hit - and you wake up.

These words that I say to you are not mere words. Think of them as arrows. They will pierce you. Sometimes you will be angry with me too.because everything was moving along peacefully, comfortably, and suddenly there is confusion. But there is no other way to wake you up - you will have to pass through pain.

When energy rises within, the body will not be able to bear it. The body has not been made to endure it. The capacity of the body is very small. The energy is vast.as if one wants to enclose the whole sky in a small courtyard. So when the energy awakens many disturbances will arise in the body. The head will be splitting with pain.

And sometimes it happens that even after enlightenment disturbances continue in the body. It is completely natural before enlightenment, because the body is not ready. It is as if you put one thousand candlepower of electricity into a line that only has the capacity to carry one hundred candlepower - it will be overloaded and catch fire!

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