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Chapter 26: A Totally New Kind of Man

The outside world is crushed between nuclear weapons and AIDS. Perhaps nuclear weapons may be avoided - for the simple reason that if we cannot find an antidote, nuclear weapons cannot be used. But AIDS is unavoidable. Unless the world turns into small communes, and people start going of their own accord to be examined, and every commune manages special places to live, and supplies the demands of those people who are contaminated - I don’t think the outside world is going to do that. Thirty million people in America are living almost as though in Ethiopia.

What do you mean?

America cannot do anything for the thirty million poor people in America itself, but it goes on making more nuclear weapons. You have these mad people in power who should be removed immediately. A great concern should be created in the outside world: these people are mad. When your people are dying.. Even in India, fifty percent of the people are on the line: any moment, they will be dying like in Ethiopia - one thousand people per day. And the prime minister of India is selling wheat to outside countries, exporting wheat, because he wants nuclear plants, and for that money is needed. Now, these people should be behind bars.

Rajiv Gandhi is one of my friends, but still I say he should be immediately imprisoned, because what he is doing is criminal. People are dying, and you are preparing for more death. Strange! And you say that they are generous. The pope is generous, and continuously goes on saying, “No abortion, no birth control, no pill. These are all immoral.” And to go on creating more children is moral?


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