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Chapter 1: Beyond Happiness Is Bliss

If your mind is unclouded, if you can see clearly, then everywhere you will find bliss showering. Each moment you will find paradise descending in you. Each moment you will find yourself surrounded by God. You need not go to Kaaba, you need not go to Kashi, you need not go anywhere. God is coming to you in thirty-six streams, but because you are asleep that which could have been a blessing becomes a curse. Be aware and transform your curses into blessings. Just by being aware the transformation happens on its own accord.

Like a hunted hare you run,
the pursuer of desire pursued,
harried from life to life.

You think you are the pursuer, you think you are the hunter; that is not true. You think you are the possessor; that is not true. The possessor is really the possessed: your things start possessing you. You watch, and you will see the fact in your own life. Your things start possessing you. You don’t use them - they start using you. And you are not a hunter.in fact you are hunted by your desires; those are the real hunters. And you are running, pursuing shadows which you will never find. And who is pushing you from the back? Who is making you run? The real power is in the hands of your desire, imagination, in your unconsciousness.

O seeker!
Give up desire.
Shake off your chains.

One day Miss Tilly saw her big tomcat corner a cockroach in the kitchen. He was about to kill the bug when it addressed Miss Tilly: “Have your cat spare my life and I will grant you three wishes.”

“A million dollars?” asked the spinster.

“Granted!” said the roach, producing the money.

“I want to be young and beautiful!”

“You got it!” And she was.

“Now,” said Tilly, “turn my tomcat into a tall, handsome prince lying next to me in bed!” It was done.

“I am so happy!” she exclaimed.

“I am glad,” said the prince beside her. “But aren’t you sorry now you had me fixed?”

Even if your desires are fulfilled, something or other will be missing.

O seeker! Give up desire. Shake off your chains. The more you desire, the more you become imprisoned. People are imprisoned in things, people are imprisoned by wives and husbands, people are imprisoned by their power. People are creating so many prisons - prisons within prisons, boxes within boxes - and still they want to be happy, they want to be joyous. How can you be joyous? Your life is suffocating! And nobody else is responsible except you.

The kindly rebbetzyn asked, “Tell me, my good man, why do you drink all that whisky?”

“Madam,” replied the good man, “what else should I do with it?”