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Chapter 8: When You Are Ready.

Otherwise move: the world is wide; why get hooked? And remember always: if you are here in any way for the wrong reasons, you will always feel hooked, as if something has happened that should not have happened. You will always feel ill at ease. I will not be a homecoming for you. I will become an imprisonment, and I would not like to become an imprisonment for anybody. If I can give you anything, anything that is of worth, it is freedom; that’s why I say, “on purpose.” But don’t misunderstand me; it is not that I am doing something, it is something - the way I am. I cannot stop it even if I want to, and Krishnamurti cannot do it even if he wants to. He is, in his own way, a flowering - I am, in my own way.

It happened once. A message came from a common friend, who is my friend and Krishnamurti’s friend also. A message came from Krishnamurti that he would like to meet me. I told the messenger that it would be completely absurd; we are poles apart. Either we could sit silently - that would be okay - or we could go on discussing for eternity without reaching to any conclusion. Not that we are against each other, we are simply different. And I say Krishnamurti is one of the greatest enlightened men ever born. He has his own uniqueness.

This point has to be understood very deeply. It will be a little difficult. Unenlightened people are always almost the same. There is not much difference, cannot be. The darkness makes them the same; the ignorance makes them almost the same. They are each other’s copies and you cannot find the original; all are carbon copies. In ignorance, persons are not much different, cannot be. Ignorance is like a black blanket that covers all. What differences are there? - maybe differences of degree, but not differences of uniqueness. Ordinarily, ignorant people exist as a common crowd.

Once somebody becomes enlightened he is absolutely unique. Then you cannot find another like him, not at this moment of history, never. Not in the past, not in the future, never will there be a man like Krishnamurti again, there never was. I will not be repeated again. Buddha is Buddha, Mahavira is Mahavira - unique flowerings.

Enlightened persons are like peaks of mountains. Ordinary ignorant persons are like plain ground; everything is just the same. Even if differences exist they are just like this: that you have a small car and somebody has a big car, and you are uneducated and somebody is educated; you are poor, somebody is rich. These are nothing; they are not differences really. You may be in power and somebody is poor and a beggar on the street, but these are not differences, these are not uniquenesses. If all your things are taken away, and your education and your power, then your presidents and your beggars will look just alike.

One of the great psychoanalysts in the West is Victor Frankl. He has developed a new trend in psychoanalysis: he calls it logotherapy. He was in Adolf Hitler’s concentration camps and he remembers, in one of his books, that when they were entering a concentration camp with hundreds of people, everything was to be taken at the gate, everything - your watch, everything. Suddenly, rich people, poor people, all became alike. And when you entered the gate you had to pass through an examination and everybody had to be completely naked. And not only that, they shaved everybody’s head and hair. Frankl remembered that a thousand people shaved, naked - suddenly all differences disappeared; it was a common mass. Your hairstyle, your car, your costly clothes or your hippielike dress: these are the differences.

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