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Chapter 8: Live in Eternity

Do you know that Buddhism no more exists in India? Buddha is almost a foreigner. He is loved in China, in Tibet, in Japan, in Ceylon, in Thailand. The whole of Asia is Buddhist except for India; and he was born in India, and he is no more here. What happened? The Hindus took revenge: they destroyed.. And remember, their destruction was far more clever than the Jewish destruction of Jesus - because the Jews killed Jesus, and that is where they committed a great mistake. The Hindus didn’t kill Buddha, they are a far more clever people.they didn’t kill Buddha, but they killed Buddhism.

The Jews killed Jesus, but because they killed Jesus, they made Jesus so important, so significant - the very center of human history - because of the crucifixion. If they had neglected Jesus there would have been no Christianity. You cannot conceive of Christianity without the crucifixion, or can you? If Jesus was not killed, was ignored, and people were not worried what he was saying, he would have disappeared without leaving a mark; not even a trace would have been there. But because he was killed, because he was raised on a cross, he became very very significant. The death became the seal. And when he was killed, that proved that he had something very significant to say, otherwise, why kill him?

The Hindus are more clever. They didn’t kill Buddha; on the contrary, they accepted Buddha as one of the incarnations of God. I would like you to know the story of how they manipulated the whole thing..

They were against Buddha, they were against his ideas, against his revolution, but they accepted Buddha as an incarnation of God. Just as Rama is an incarnation, Krishna is an incarnation, Buddha is also an incarnation. But they played a trick in it.

The story is that God made the world, he made heaven and hell. Then millions of years passed, and nobody went to hell, because nobody was committing sin. People were pious, simple, innocent. Everybody would die and would go directly to heaven. And what about the management which was looking after hell - the devil, and the devil’s disciples, the mini-devils, and the whole government? They became very tired, bored. Not a single entry! And they were sitting there in their offices, at their doors with their registers and files, and nobody was coming.

The Hindu story is: they went to God, and they prayed: “What is the point? Close this thing completely! Nobody has ever come for millions of years. We are tired, we are bored! Either send people, give us work and occupation or close this thing!”

Their problem was real, and God pondered over it. And he said “Don’t be worried. Soon I will be born as Gautam Buddha, and I will corrupt people’s. minds, and they will start going to hell.”

You see the point? “I will corrupt people’s minds. I will manage to confuse them, and once they are confused, hell will be overflowing.” And that’s exactly what it has been. Hindus say that since Buddha, hell is overcrowded. God has to come in the form of Buddha just to help the hell management.

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