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Chapter 1: The Bee Knows It

The first song:

Only a connoisseur of the flavors of love
can comprehend the language of a lover’s heart,
others have no clue.
The taste of lime rests in the core of the fruit
and even experts know of no easy way to reach it.
Honey is hidden within the lotus bloom
but the bee knows it.
Dung beetles nestle in dung
discounting honey.
Submission is the secret of knowledge.

The first thing is that love can be known only by loving. It is not something that can be made comprehensible by intellectual discussion about it. Love is not a theory. If you try to make a theory out of it, it remains incomprehensible. That is the first Baul standpoint: there are things which you can know only by doing them, by being them.

If you don’t know swimming you don’t know what it is, and there is no way to know about it. You may go and hear a thousand and one swimmers talking about it, but still you will never know it, what it is. It is incomprehensible in every other way; you will have to learn swimming. You will have to go down to the river; you will have to take the risk, the danger of being drowned. If you are very, very clever you may say, “I will not step into the river unless I know swimming first.” It is logical: How can I step into the river when I don’t know swimming? So first I must know swimming, only then can I step into the river. But then you will never be able to know swimming, because even to learn swimming you will have to step into the river.

Swimming is known only by swimming, love is known only by loving, prayer is known only by praying - there is no other way. There are things which can be known without moving into them - those are the futile things, those are the intellectual things: philosophies, dogmas, creeds. But all that is real has to be lived, and all that is existential has to be penetrated, and the risk has to be taken. One has to be courageous, one has to be daring. And it is a great daring, because when you love somebody you start losing yourself. To love somebody is to lose the ego, to love somebody is to be lost, to love somebody is to give power to somebody over you, to love somebody is to be possessed. To love somebody means surrendering..

Submission is the secret of knowledge.

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