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Chapter 14: The Infinitesimal and the Cosmic

If you measure two lovers before they were in love, and then you measure them after they have fallen in love, do you think that together they will make only two? They have become a thousand times more, they are not just two. If you have ever known a moment of love, then you will know that in that moment so many energies in you are awakened which had never stirred before. When two lovers meet, it is not just two persons meeting, it is two worlds meeting. And their total is not two: it could be anything. And the total will go on changing in each moment. It will be one thing in the morning, it will be something different at noon, it will again be something different in the evening. Today it will be one thing and tomorrow another.nothing can be said.

Life is beyond intellectual understanding. It is beyond the grasp of logic. Logic means dead structures, and life does not believe in any structure. Life flows and breaks all structures. Life just goes on flowing, it does not follow any rules. But life is not chaotic. Not following any structure is because of life’s profound freedom, it is not because it is chaotic. There is an underlying consistency even in its anarchy - but this consistency will become visible only to those who don’t try to impose structures of consistency, of logic.

I have heard:

There is a Greek folktale that a man had a very precious, golden bed studded with diamonds and other jewels. The bed was so costly that there was no question of making any alterations to its size. But whenever there was a guest of honor, he was given that bed to sleep on, and he was cut or stretched to a size that would fit the bed! If the guest’s legs were sticking outside the length of the bed, his legs would be cut off. The bed itself was too costly to do anything with it. If the head was sticking out over the bed, the head would be cut off. If the man was shorter than the length of the bed, two wrestlers would stretch his body to fit the bed. And this was all done with the idea of serving the guest.that he should not have to feel any discomfort or inconvenience.

Now this man was being logical. This man was going to the very limits of logic. He was only doing what all intellectuals do. He was only doing what all logicians do: “The structure is fixed. We will cut or stretch you to size because the structure cannot be changed.”

This is where religion is different. Religion says, “I will accept life as it is, and I will know life as it is, and I will live life as it is. I have no intentions to impose my ideas on it.”

Only then can the whole, the undivided, be known. And only then will you enter into the mystery.