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Chapter 4: A Buddhafield in Spring

Now the revenue minister says, “Your master is so controversial that I cannot take the risk of deciding anything, for or against, because there will be political repercussions from it. And I don’t want to lose my chair, so you had better decide with the chief minister.” And he said, “Even the chief minister cannot decide on his own; he will have to ask the whole cabinet.”

And my feeling is that they will say, “This cannot be decided by the Maharashtra government, it has to be decided by the central government in Delhi.”

And I am not only a nationally controversial figure, I am an internationally controversial figure. So my fear is that this will have to be decided by the UN! So now as to when it will be decided, nothing can be said. These are delaying tactics and strategies. If they say no they can be caught immediately, because it is illegal to say no. But they don’t say no.

I can understand your anxiety, your problem. That is the anxiety of every sannyasin. It is becoming so difficult here, the space is so small. And thousands and thousands more are going to come, I have given the invitation to them, they are on the way.

Even this land we are sitting on, we have been here for five hears and have still not yet legalized it. We are already here, they cannot throw us out, but they have not legalized it. We don’t have the papers with us, the papers are with the government. They go on saying, “We are going to do it, we are going to do it” - but it never happens.

This is how Morarji Desai is behaving, in a fascist way - but very legally; you cannot find any legal flaw. This is a very cowardly way. If you are against me, that’s okay. I am ready to get into any discussion with you, I am ready to argue with you. If he needs a public debate, it can be a public debate. If he needs me to answer, I can come to the parliament and answer the parliament. I will really enjoy it!

But very cowardly ways, cunning ways.he remains a deputy collector. He is not worthy to be a prime minister to such a big country. His mind is that of a deputy collector - a very small mind. I don’t call him Morarjibhai Desai, I call him Mediocre-jibhai Desai.

My challenge is open. And even if he does not agree with me, then too there is no point in obstructing my work. Your agreement is not needed at all. That is the meaning of independence and democracy, where people who cannot agree with each other can coexist. Otherwise what is the difference between a democracy and a dictatorial regime?

I can exist, I have every right to exist, even if Morarji Desai does not agree with me. His agreement is not needed at all - who cares? This is his problem. If he does not agree, so what?

But if because of his personal disagreement he obstructs my work in such cunning and vicarious ways, then he is destroying democracy from the very roots. And then independence is simply a slogan, not a reality.