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Chapter 37: There Is No Power Which Is Higher than Love

But a single human mind is capable of containing all that is written in all these books, of memorizing it. In a single brain there are more than a billion cells, and each single cell is capable of containing millions of pieces of information. Certainly one will go mad if one is not already standing out of the mind. If you have not reached the status of meditation, madness is sure. They were not wrong, but they were not aware of my efforts towards meditation.

So I was reading strange books, strange scriptures, from all over the world; yet I was only a watcher, because as far as I was concerned, I had come home. I had nothing to learn from all that reading; that reading was for a different purpose, and the purpose was to make my message universal, to make it free from local limitations.

And I am happy that I have succeeded in it completely. I don’t have anything which is local. I don’t have a land, a mother country. I don’t have a house to live in. I don’t have any place on this earth anywhere. This is a very strange situation.

I am a world citizen, but in the world I don’t have even a space to stand, anywhere.

I can remain here only four or five days more; then I have to move. But perhaps that is good. What I have known through books, this way I am coming to know in reality.

I have become a universal gypsy.

Because you love me, you call me “master of masters.” It is out of your love.

As far as I am concerned, I simply think of myself only an ordinary human being who was stubborn enough to remain independent, resisted all conditioning, never belonged to any religion, never belonged to any political party, never belonged to any organization, never belonged to any nation, any race.

I have tried in every possible way just to be myself, without any adjective; and that has given me so much integrity, individuality, authenticity, and the tremendous blissfulness of being fulfilled.

But it was the need of the time. After me, anybody trying to be a master will have to remember that he has to pass through all the things I have passed through; otherwise, he cannot be called a master. He will remain just localized - a Hindu teacher, a Christian missionary, a Mohammedan priest - but not a master of human beings as such.

After me it is going to be really difficult to be a master.

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