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Chapter 1: The Ultimate Experience

Let me say something about Tilopa, before we enter into this beautiful phenomenon. Nothing much is known about Tilopa because nothing in fact can be known about such persons. They don’t leave a trace. They don’t become a part of history. They exist by the side, they are not part of the main traffic where the whole of humanity is moving; they don’t move there. The whole of humanity moves through desiring, and persons like Tilopa move into desirelessness. They simply move away from the main traffic of humanity where history exists.

The more they go away from the traffic, the more mythological they become. They exist like a myth. They are no longer events in time, and this is as it should be, because they move beyond time, they live beyond time; they live in eternity. They simply disappear from this dimension of our common humanity; they evaporate. We remember only that moment when they are evaporating; for only that much are they a part of us. That’s why nothing much is known about Tilopa, about who he is.

Only this song exists. This is his gift, and the gift was given to his disciple, Naropa. These gifts cannot be given to anybody unless a deep love intimacy exists. One has to be capable to receive such gifts. This song has been given to Naropa, his disciple. Before this song was given to Naropa, Naropa was tested in millions of ways: his faith, his love, and trust. When it became known that nothing like doubt exists in him, not even a tiny part of doubt, when his heart was totally full with trust and love, then this song was given.

I am also here to sing a song, but it can be given to you only when you are ready. And your readiness means that doubt should simply disappear from the mind; it should not be suppressed, you should not try to defeat it, because defeated it will remain in you, suppressed it will remain part of your unconscious and it will go on affecting you. Don’t fight your doubting mind; don’t suppress it. Rather, on the contrary, simply bring more and more energy into trust. Simply be indifferent to your doubting mind; nothing else can be done.

Indifference is the key: you simply are indifferent. It is there; accept it. Bring your energies more and more towards trust and love, because it is all the same energy. The energy which becomes doubt is the same as that which becomes trust. Remain indifferent to doubt. The moment you are indifferent your cooperation is broken; you are not feeding it - because it is through attention that anything is fed. If you pay attention to your doubt, even if you are against it, paying attention to it is dangerous because the very attention is the food; that is how you cooperate with it. One has to be just indifferent, neither for nor against: don’t be for doubt; don’t be against doubt.

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