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Chapter 3: Return to Your Source

On the part of the disciple, initiation means allowing the master to do whatsoever - unconditionally. And on the part of the master, it is possible only when he has attained to at least the first satori, otherwise you can be initiated by a thousand and one masters and you will not attain to anything. When these two requirements are fulfilled, then a communion happens between the master and the disciple.

This communion happened that day. Jesus was “opened,” as they say in Subud. Jesus was opened by John the Baptist and the spirit of God descended on him like a dove:

And lo, a voice from heaven,
saying, “This is my beloved Son,
in whom I am well pleased.”

This always happens. Whenever someone opens to heaven, it is always heard deep down in the heart, it resounds: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” This has been taken wrongly in Christianity. They think Jesus is the only son of God - foolish. The whole existence comes from God, the whole existence is related to God as son to father.

A few things to be understood.. It would have been better if we had thought of God as mother because the son is more deeply related to the mother. He lives in the womb, he is part of the mother - blood and bones and flesh and everything. But there is also a very significant meaning in thinking of God as father. It is not baseless.

Father is indirect, mother is direct. You know who your mother is; you simply believe who your father is. A mother knows exactly that you are her son, but the father believes. Father is indirect, mother is very direct. And God is not so direct, God is very indirect. He fathered you, that means you are related to him, but the relationship is of a trust, a belief, a deep faith. You will come to know your father only when you trust.

Mother is more of a scientific fact, empirical; father is more a poetical fact, not so empirical. Mother is very close, in fact too close; father is very far away, somewhere up in the sky. To feel for the mother is instinctive; to feel for the father, one has to learn it. Mother is already there. God has to be discovered. So the symbol of father is also very meaningful, it carries some hidden meanings in it.

But whenever it happens to anybody that the heart opens up and the dove descends, this is always heard: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Why is God well-pleased? You have come back home. You went astray, you did all sorts of things irrelevant to your being. You have repented, you have come back home.

The whole existence is pleased - the whole existence is pleased whenever somebody becomes a christ or a buddha, the whole existence celebrates, because even if one person becomes a buddha or a christ the whole existence becomes, in a way, more aware and alert.