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Chapter 3: The Well Is Going to the Thirsty

No, I am not intending to make any commune anywhere, either in America or in other parts of the world. I have made one commune and you have seen the beauty of it, you have seen the joy of it. Now it is up to you. If you want communes, you can create them. I have given you the model.

The American fascist government may have destroyed the model, but it cannot destroy the remembrance of those beautiful moments in you. You can create them, American sannyasins can create them in America. I am finding it easier, more economical, more helpful to you, that rather than you coming to me, I will be coming to you.

I have not seen many of your faces for five years, and I have a sadness about it. And the reason was you were not able to arrange enough money to come to America and be in America. We have communes all over the world. They will go on increasing.

Now my approach will be just to be a guest of one commune for a few days or a few months, then move on to another commune. So you need not be worried about making arrangements to see me. Now I will be constantly traveling.

It was the prophet Mohammed who has said that the thirsty have to come to the well. But fourteen centuries have passed and the whole technology has changed. Now you have running water, cold and hot, in every house. The thirsty need not go to the well, the well comes to the thirsty - in his very bedroom!

So I want to change the proverb. From now onwards the well is going to the thirsty; it is easier.

And now there are so many sannyasins around the world. They cannot gather together to meet me - millions of people. The easier way is that I should move and go to all those millions of people. This will bring me more intimacy, more closeness.

When you used to come to me there were sometimes twenty thousand people. You were sitting so far away I could not even see your faces. I could not recognize you, and you had come from so far away.

My new approach will be more intimate. I can look into your eyes, I can hold your hands, I can sit amongst you. I can eat with you. I can participate in every possible way.

I am not a messiah; I am not a prophet - because I am not a hypocrite. I am an ordinary human being who has come to realize himself. The difference between me and you is very little: the difference of a person awake and of a person who is asleep. There is not much of a difference. One who is asleep can be awake any moment, can be awakened any moment.

My work is individual. I do not believe in the society, I do not believe in organizations. I believe only in the individual, because he is the only reality. All are only words; neither the organization has a soul, nor the society has a soul - they are just words, utilitarian but empty. Only the individual is the living reality.

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