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Chapter 10: The Right Side Up

Intellect is not intelligence. Intelligence is existential, intellect is borrowed. You don’t know what divine will is, you don’t know what a surrendered individual is; hence the question.

The question is like this: If you ask.if you have not known what light is, and you ask, “When we bring light into the room, does it have to fight with darkness to destroy it?” or “When we bring light into the room, how much time does it take for darkness to leave the room?” the question is absurd because you know, stupid because you know.

The question looks stupid because you know that darkness has no existence of its own. When you bring light in, it is not that darkness goes out. Close all the doors and see! Put guards on the doors and see, and ask them, “Have you seen the darkness going out?”

When you bring light in, the very presence of light is its death, because darkness has no existence of its own. It is just the absence of light. When light is there, darkness is not there. In fact, it has never been there. It was just an absence. That’s why you cannot bring darkness in. If you need a little more darkness in your room you cannot bring it in. You cannot go to your neighbor and ask for some, you cannot bring it in bags, you cannot force or persuade it to come.

You cannot do anything directly with darkness. Have you observed the fact that if you want to do anything with darkness you will have to do something with light, not with darkness? If you want more darkness, you will have to put curtains on the windows. That is, you are doing something with light so that the light cannot come in. That’s all. If you want more darkness, then you have to put the light off. If you don’t want darkness, you have to put light on - but you do something with light, you cannot do anything with darkness. It is an absence, it is non-existential.

Now look at the question: “What is divine will, and how does it act through the surrendered individual?” A surrendered will is divine; an unsurrendered will is not divine. There is no will somewhere else which is divine other than the surrendered will.

A surrendered will is divine; an unsurrendered will is not divine. An unsurrendered will is the ego and a surrendered will is the absence of the ego. And when the ego disappears, where can the individual exist? With the ego, the individual also exists, disappears, dies.

It is not that there is a surrendered individual and a divine will working through him. A surrendered individual is the divine will. Now he is no more, only God is. He has vacated, he has become empty. In that emptiness, God has entered. He is no longer there.

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