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Chapter 18: It Is Possible

What kind of worth?

They are adventurers; they are on a pilgrimage to know the unknown, they are the real people. Others are living just like animals, without exploration.

So you’re talking about that select group of risk-takers?

Yes, with me, only that select group.

What is the future - and I know you don’t like to talk about the future or address yourself to it - but what is the future of Rajneeshpuram? I wanted to talk about the development of the city, the technological-agricultural development that I’ve seen today, the communal way of life. What do you view as the development of this valley for the people in this travel with you?

I’m not concerned with it; my concern is with people and their growth. The city is their concern, not my concern. And I have so many intelligent people here: architects, engineers, doctors, professors from all the professions - daring, adventurous people have come to me, now it is up to them. A mundane affair, I don’t care about it. I trust them: they will be able to manage. And they are managing. And they will be able to develop it technologically, but it is not my concern at all.

What is your concern?

My concern is their spiritual growth. Their intelligence should come to its highest peak. They should be deprogrammed from all that is past, rotten and dead, meaningless and harmful. My work is not to create the city but to create the man, and then the man will take care of the city and the houses. That is a totally different matter, I don’t bother about it.

But my basic concern is the individual. The individual is to me the highest value in life. And all the religions of the world have repressed the individual, they have all made him feel guilty, they have all made him somehow think himself unworthy, a sinner. All the religions, in different ways, have forced everybody into a corner where he is no more human. They have humiliated humanity.

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