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Chapter 3: The “I” Cannot Belong to You

The master exists as an absence, as a nobody. And this very fact becomes a tremendous force. This very fact, this existence of a void, creates mysterious happenings around it. But the master is not doing them. Remember, the river is flowing toward the sea, but the river is not really flowing, not doing anything. This flow is just nature. It is natural for the river to flow. There is no effort on the river’s part. The tree is growing; the tree is not doing anything - there is no effort, no center, no ego to do. It is happening.

Life is a happening, and a man becomes a master when he has come to realize this. The total is doing, and we are unnecessarily bothered and we unnecessarily interfere and we unnecessarily bring in our own illusory centers - because no individual can have any center.

One of the greatest Christian mystics, Meister Eckhart, has said that only God can say “I.” No individual can really say “I” because the “I” belongs to the total. My hand cannot say “I,” because the I belongs to me. My leg cannot say “I” because the leg belongs to me and the I belongs to me. My leg, my hand, my eyes, they cannot assert “I” because they are fragments, parts of a great unity. In the same way you are not an entity in yourself, you are just part of a great organic whole. You are just a fragment, an atomic cell in it. You cannot say “I.”

That is why all the religions say that the I is the only barrier, because the I is the most fallacious thing possible. It cannot belong to you. You do not know why you are born, you do not know who forces you into life. No one asked you, no one asked about your choice. You simply find that one day you are alive. Then who goes on breathing within you? You do not know.

Then suddenly one day you are no more. No one asked you. It is not your decision to be born and to die. But something happens and goes on happening. Something happens and you are born, and something happens.you are no more, you disappear again. How can you say “I”? No decision of yours has been used - no decision. The I can belong only to the divine.

Then there is a problem and the problem is this: if the master cannot help, if the master cannot do, how can the master promise? Now someone is showing me the wall hanging (Osho indicates the blue banner suspended behind him on the podium) which states, “I have come not to teach, but to awaken. Surrender and I will transform you. This is my promise.”

Then how can I promise you? Then how can I say that I will transform you? Really, this is a trick. I am not going to transform you - I am no more there. But if you surrender you will be transformed. If you surrender you will be transformed - not that I will transform you, the very surrender brings you to the point where transformation happens. And when it has happened, then you will know and you will laugh because it has been a great joke..

I cannot do anything. The very concept of doing is irrelevant: I am no more there. But you will not understand that language. You can understand only the language of the I; hence, I have said, “I will transform you.” And it is true that you will be transformed. It is true that once you surrender there is no barrier for your transformation: you will be reborn. And I am not doing anything; I cannot do anything. Nothing is needed to transform you. You are enough.

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