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Chapter 2: Don’t Follow Me - I Am Lost Myself

It is a bargain. You remain crippled, unintelligent, mediocre, stupid - and after death you will achieve everything. And nobody knows what happens after death. Nobody has ever returned and told what happens after death. So they are doing such a fabulous business - they are selling such a commodity which is invisible, intangible, and what they are taking in return is your whole humanity, your whole integrity. They are destroying you completely.

I can say, “Come and share me.” That is a totally different standpoint.

I have known something.

I have seen something.

I have lived something.

And I can share it with you.

And remember, I am not obliging you when I share it with you; you are obliging me, because when a cloud is heavy with rainwater, the earth is obliging it by receiving the water. I say to you: I am heavy with some ecstasy, some blissfulness. And it is not a question of a bargain after death. I am not promising you something in the future, and I am not asking you anything in return, not even a thank you, because I am grateful to you that you shared with me.

My religion is a religion of sharing, not of following. It is a religion of love. The very idea of following makes me sick. It is sickening. You have to be yourself, and when you blossom, you are not going to be like me or like Jesus or like Buddha. You are going to be just like you - which has never happened before, and which is not going to happen again. It is only possible with you. You are unrepeatable. If you start following somebody you are missing a great opportunity that existence has provided for you, and you will never be happy. No Christian is happy, no Hindu is happy, no Buddhist is happy; they cannot be. How can you be happy?

Just think in this way: if the roseflower tries to become a lotus, the lotus tries to become a rose, both will be in tremendous suffering because neither can the rose become the lotus nor can the lotus become the rose. At the most they can pretend, and pretensions are not fulfilling. The roseflower can only be a roseflower. And the unfortunate thing is, when the roseflower starts trying to be a lotus, its energy goes into that effort of becoming a lotus. A lotus it can never become, it has no potential for it. It is not a lotus, and there is no need for it to be a lotus. If existence wanted a lotus there would have been a lotus. Existence needs a rose. Trying to be a lotus, the rose will be losing its energy in a fruitless, hopeless effort, and perhaps may not be able to become even a rose. From where will it find the energy to become a rose, the vitality to become a rose?

It is one of the most important psychological phenomena to understand: each individual is unique; there has never been that kind of individual before, and there will never be that kind of individual again.

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