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Chapter 3: Melt Yourself Down

The question is, how to change your focus from the mind to the being. Doing has brought you into the world, doing is the ladder that has brought you into the world; non-doing will be the ladder.. And non-doing is not inactivity. That point has to be understood well, then you will be able to understand Hakim Sanai’s sutras of today.

Non-doing is not inactivity, it is not inaction. Action is there, because action is life. If action completely disappears, you will be dead. Even to breathe is an action; to eat, to digest, to sleep - all are activities. To live is to be active. Then what is non-doing if it is not inactivity? If you understand non-doing as inactivity, you will have missed the whole point of it. Now inactivity will become your occupation. You will be constantly occupied with not doing this and not doing that. Your process will become negative, but it is still doing: “I can’t do this, I can’t do that.” Now you are worried. The same tensions will still be there: “I can’t eat this, I can’t eat that, I can’t wear this, I can’t wear that.” Now you are becoming negative - but the process, the ego, is still there; the mind is still there. It is standing upside down, it is doing a headstand, but it is the same mind.

Non-doing is something which has nothing to do with action, but has much to do with the ego, with the idea of the ego. The doer is the ego: one has to become a non-doer. Then existence is the doer. Then you are in a let-go. Then you don’t push the river, then you don’t create agony for yourself by pushing.

Let me remind you of what I was telling you just the other day: agony comes from a root ag - ag means pushing. The more you push the river, the more agony is created. And while you are pushing the river, certainly you are trying to swim upstream. You are going against nature, against Tao, against godliness.

The non-doer is one who has relaxed with the river, who is floating with the river, flowing with the river, one who has become part of the river, who does not think himself separate at all, one who has no individual destiny. That is the meaning of non-doing. Now the destiny of the total is his destiny. “Wherever the whole is going, I am also going - wherever, to whatsoever destination or no-destination. Wherever this beautiful existence is moving, I am part of it. I am a ripple in this great lake, just a small ripple. I need not have an individual destiny.”

Out of individual destiny arises fear, anguish, agony. Out of individual destiny - that “I have to do something, I have to be somebody, I have to reach somewhere” - the mind is created. Doing means: “I have some idea how I should be, what I should be.” Non-doing means: “I drop all ideas of my being separate from existence.”

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