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Chapter 10: We Shall Meet Again

My focus is on the individual, not on the community. The real revolution has to happen in the individual, not in the society. All social revolutions have failed, utterly failed. They were bound to fail, they were destined to fail. Only the individual can be transformed, because only the individual has the soul, consciousness, awareness.

The community, the society, has no soul. It does not really exist anywhere - have you ever come across society? Whenever you come across it, you come across individuals. You will meet A, you will meet B, you may meet C, but you never come across society.

You come across human beings, but you never come across humanity. The word humanity is empty, so is the word society, but these words have become so powerful because down the ages we have been hypnotized by words. Society, community, country, motherland, fatherland, humanity - all bogus words. The reality is only one: the individual.

Only if the individual becomes luminous will the world be benefited. It is time that we forget about social revolution and social service; it is time enough. We should become a little more mature and think of reality as it is. The individual exists, hence individuals can be transformed.

I am not a social revolutionary, and I am not a social servant either. And my sannyasins are not to become social revolutionaries and social servants - no, not at all. The only thing that you have to do is create great love for yourself, and enjoy, rejoice and celebrate. And out of that celebration, something miraculous starts happening: people are served, compassion radiates, caring is born.

The second question:

I have controlled and disciplined my sex life for years, but I am still much too interested in it. Why?

That’s why. It is so simple, so obvious. You have remained obsessed with it - otherwise why control it? Why repress it? What is control except repression?

You became too attached to it; it was an attachment. And as time has passed, the attachment has deepened. Of course your attachment is negative, hence the question. Because you have been against it, you think, “Why am I still interested?”

In fact if you are negatively attached to something, your attachment will go on deepening as time passes; it will never end. If you are positively attached, there is a possibility of its ending, because experience liberates. If you had known sex, by now you would have been finished with it, because it is childish; it does not have the power that negative attachment creates.

Sex in itself is not that powerful. It appears very powerful, because we have been taught to be against it. Our antagonism gives it power. And the more you are against it, the less experienced you are about it. The less you are experienced about it, the more the desire arises to experience it.

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