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Chapter 10: We Disown Our Past

Don’t be concerned about the whole world. If we can create the idea of revolt in a small minority in the world, that will do. A single seed can make the whole earth green, and a single man in revolt can create a totally new world, a totally new humanity.

I am not in favor of any organized revolution because all organizations basically destroy the individual. I am in favor of the individual and his dignity. There is nobody above the individual. We have to take this tremendous quantum leap, from organized living to individual flowering. It is possible. If it is possible for me - because I don’t belong to any religion and I don’t belong to any nation and I don’t belong to any kind of organization - it is possible for you too. And if this fire of individuality spreads, it can become a wildfire, because deep down every individual is suffering. He wants to revolt against all that has been repressed, all that has been imposed on him.

You will not find a better moment. This century is coming to its end - one thing is certain, the old world cannot continue to live. All the prophets have been declaring the end of the world with the year 2000. None of them has said a single word about what happens beyond this century.

I want it to be clear to you, to my people around the earth, that the old world does not mean the planet. The old world means the old structure of humanity - it is going to die. But if we can save a few individuals, a new beginning is very close. Rather than being concerned with the old, rejoice for the new.

As far as I am concerned, I am absolutely certain that in moments of crisis - and this is the greatest crisis man has ever faced - people gather courage and take a quantum leap into something absolutely unknown. You are here from different lands, from different races, from different organizations; you will be spreading all over the world.

You are going to be my ambassadors.

They can prevent me from entering their countries, but they cannot prevent my ambassadors. So I am going to declare soon, in all the countries, my ambassadors - propagating the birth of a new man and a new world.