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Chapter 5: Existence Does Not Like Carbon Copies

They tried. Before my father died, he told me with tears in his eyes, “I am happy that we could not succeed in forcing you to get married and lead a normal kind of life. We were worried about you.who would take care of you? But you have proved that if you trust existence, existence takes care, it is very compassionate.”

So I don’t have any family of my own. But I have a very big family of my sannyasins, all around the world. So wherever I go, I’m at home. It makes no difference. Just two days ago I was in Nepal and as much at home as I am at home here.

I have created a family of a totally different kind. A million people belong to my family. Their love is unconditional. I have nothing to give them, except myself. But they have given me their hearts, and without any reason. I am not a religious leader, I am not a politician; I am not giving any promises, I am not giving you any hopes.

I am simply talking to you, to be yourself - a simple teaching, the simplest, without any jargon - and yet I have established the greatest family in the whole world, in the whole history of man.

Do your sannyasins obey your view about destroying the family?

Obedience is not my teaching. Disobedience is not a sin. I explain to my people my understanding, and then it is their freedom to do whatsoever they want to do. It is not a question of obeying me, it is a question of obeying their own intelligence.

My appeal is to their intelligence. I explain as clearly as possible, and then leave it to them. I don’t take their freedom of decision, and whatsoever they decide, I am happy with it - because I love their individuality and I want to enhance their individuality as much as I can.

Their yes is good, their no is good. It makes no difference, because it is coming out of their love, out of their understanding.

I don’t want followers, obedient people.

I want intelligent friends, fellow travelers.

And once I have said anything, I never inquire whether anybody is following it or not. I go on towards other things. I have so many things.

But I am happy with my people, immensely happy, and grateful. It is difficult to find in history any instance of so many beautiful, intelligent people following a human being who is not pretending to be a savior or a prophet or a god, who is just saying, “I am as ordinary as you are - with just a little difference: I am awake and you are asleep. But it is not much of a difference.you can open your eyes any moment.”