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Chapter 42: Everybody Is Enough

I am really enjoying that a single person who has no power can make these pygmy politicians just go out of their minds! I had just mentioned it, and immediately the European parliament tabled a resolution, which they will be discussing soon and passing, that I cannot land at any airport in Europe.

But we will find some way.. In Europe there are communist countries - Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia - we can land at their airports. They cannot prevent me just landing. But we can have a big ship with thousands of sannyasins on it, and just live on the ship. And let them do what they can do - bomb the ship or do whatsoever they want to do - but one thing is certain, they cannot upset me.

They tried in the American jails to upset me in such ways that anybody would have been upset. They would wake me up at four o’clock; sleep was impossible, so it was not a problem to me because I was just lying down with closed eyes. They would wake me at four o’clock, saying, “You get ready. At five o’clock the US marshal is coming and he will be taking you to the airport.” So I would get ready and wait. From five o’clock in the morning till five o’clock in the evening I was just sitting, waiting, and the man would appear at five o’clock in the evening.

And I said to him, “You must have got into some trouble - twelve hours late, and you just live three blocks away..” As we became friendly, after three days he said, “These are the tactics used to harass people. You forgive me. I was going to come at five in the evening but I said that I would come at five in the morning, so the whole day you would be sitting and waiting.”

But I said, “What is upsetting in it? Anyway I would have been sitting and.there is nothing else to do.”

The world is against individuality. It is against your being just your natural self.

It wants you just to be a robot, and because you have agreed to be a robot you are in trouble. You are not a robot. That was not the intention of nature, to make a robot of you. So because you are not what you were meant to be, what you were destined to be, you are constantly looking: “What is missing? Perhaps better furniture, better curtains, a better house, a better husband, a better wife, a better job..” Your whole life you are trying and rushing from one place to another. But the society has distracted you from the very beginning.

My effort is to bring you back to yourself, and you will suddenly find all that discontent has disappeared. There is no need to be more - you are enough. Everybody is enough.