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Chapter 26: Personality Is Created, Individuality Is Born

In the beginning, I thought you knew each of us personally, even though we had never met, and I realized that I believed it because I very much wanted to. Later, I thought I found out that it wasn’t true, but I somehow accepted this too. Now I don’t know. And also, is it a necessity in the master-disciple relationship that the master knows the disciple personally?

The master’s function is to destroy your personality. He knows you as an individual, but he does not know you as a person. Personality is something created, invented. Individuality is something born.

The master is deeply concerned with your individuality, just the way you were born, your self-nature, uncontaminated, unpolluted. But he is not interested in whether you are a doctor, an engineer, a plumber, a president; whether you are successful in life or a failure, whether you are Hindu or Mohammedan or Christian, whether you have black skin or white skin. All these nonessentials make your personality. Only your consciousness makes your individuality. And as far as individuality is concerned, it is the same - it is universal.

This is the greatest mystery of life - that the most individual thing in you is at the same time the most universal, because it is the same in everyone.

I may not be an engineer, I may not be a painter, I may not be a doctor. There are millions of ways to have a personality, but there is only one way to have individuality - and that is a total silence. In that total silence you know the individual that you are, and you also know the universal, because the universal is not different from you.

You are just a dewdrop, and as you meditate, the dewdrop starts slipping from the petals of the lotus towards the ocean. When the meditation is complete, the dewdrop has disappeared into the ocean. Or you can say, the ocean has disappeared into the dewdrop - it is the same.