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Chapter 8: I Am Totally for the Natural

That’s the whole secret of the success of psychoanalysis. It is a simple secret, but the whole secret of psychoanalysis: the psychoanalyst helps to bring up all that is inside your unconscious, in the darker realms of your being, to the level of the conscious. He brings it to the surface where you can see it, others can see it, and a miracle happens: even your seeing it is the beginning of its death. And if you can relate it to somebody else - that’s what you do in psychoanalysis, you expose yourself to your psychoanalyst - even exposing to a single person is enough to bring great changes in your being.

But to expose to a psychoanalyst is limited: you have exposed only to one person, in deep privacy, with the condition that he is not going to make it public. That is part of the profession of the physician, psychoanalyst, therapist, that is part of his oath: that he will not tell it to anybody, it will be kept secret. So it is a very limited exposure, but still it helps. And it is a professional exposure; still it helps. It takes years, that’s why; that which can be done within days takes years in psychoanalysis - four years, five years - and even then psychoanalysis is never complete. The world has not yet known a single case of total psychoanalysis, of the process completed, terminated, finished, no, not yet. Not even your psychoanalysts are completely psychoanalyzed - because the exposure itself is very limited and with conditions. The psychoanalyst listens to you as if he is not listening, because he is not to tell it to anybody. But even then it helps, it helps tremendously to unburden.

If you can expose yourself religiously - not in privacy, not to the professional, but simply in all your relationships - that’s what sannyas is all about. It is self-psychoanalysis. It is twenty-four hour psychoanalysis, day in, day out. It is psychoanalysis in all kinds of situations: with the wife, with the friend, with the relative, with the enemy, with the stranger, with the boss, with the servant. For twenty-four hours you are relating.

If you go on exposing yourself. In the beginning it is going to be really very scary, but soon you will start gaining strength, because once the truth is exposed it becomes stronger and the untruth dies. And with the truth becoming stronger you become rooted, you become centered. You start becoming an individual; the personality disappears and individuality appears.

Personality is bogus, individuality is substantial. Personality is just a facade, individuality is your truth. Personality is imposed from the outside; it is a persona, a mask. Individuality is your reality - it is as existence has made you. Personality is social sophistication, social polishing. Individuality is raw, wild, strong, with tremendous power.

Only in the beginning will the fear be there. Hence the need for a master, so that in the beginning he can hold your hand, so that in the beginning he can support you, so that in the beginning he can take you a few steps with him. The master is not a psychoanalyst; he is that and far more. The psychoanalyst is a professional, the master is not a professional. It is not his profession to help people, it is his vocation. It is his love, it is his compassion. And because it is his compassion he takes you only as far as you need him. The moment he starts feeling that you can go on your own he starts slipping his hand out of your hands. Although you would like to go on clinging, he cannot allow that.

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