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Chapter 9: The Truth beyond Magic

The buddha said:
It is better to feed one good man than to feed one hundred bad men.
It is better to feed one who observes the five precepts of Buddha than to feed one thousand good men.
It is better to feed one srotapanna than to feed ten thousand of those who observe the five precepts of buddha.
It is better to feed one skridagamin than to feed one million of srotapannas.
It is better to feed one anagamin than to feed ten millions of skridagamins. It is better to feed one arhat than to feed one hundred millions of anagamins.
It is better to feed one pratyak buddha than to feed one billion of arhats.
It is better to feed one of the buddhas either of the present or of the past or of the future than to feed ten billions of pratyak buddhas.
It is better to feed one who is above knowledge, onesidedness, discipline, and enlightenment than to feed one hundred billions of buddhas of past, present or future.

Let us first talk a little about the disease called man. Man is a disease because deep down the very being of man is split, it is not one. Hence continuous disease, uneasiness, anxiety, angst, anguish. Schizophrenia is just a normal state of affairs. It is not that a few people become schizophrenic: man is born schizophrenic. It has to be understood.

Man is born in dis-ease, born as dis-ease. When you entered your mother’s womb, the first moment of your life was based on two parents, the mother and the father. Your very beginning was dual divided - male/female, yin/yang, positive/negative. The first unity of your being was already based on division. Half of you came from one parent, the other half from another parent. From the very beginning you have been two.

So schizophrenia is not something that happens to a few unfortunate people, it is just the normal state of affairs. Man is born split, hence continuously there is a duality, an indecisiveness, a wavering. You cannot decide who you really want to be, you cannot decide where to go, you cannot choose between two alternatives, you remain ambiguous.

Whatsoever you do, a part of you remains against it. Your doing is never total. And a doing that is not total cannot be fulfilling, and a doing that is chosen only by one part of your being against the other part, will create more and more rift in your being. This has to be understood.

Unity is in the end, not in the beginning. You can become a unitary being, you can become non-dual, you can come to yoga - yoga means unity, unison, integration, individuation - but that is in the end, not in the beginning. In the beginning is the dual, in the beginning is the division, in the beginning is disease.

So unless you understand it and make an effort to transform it.. The merger has not yet happened; it has happened on one level only - on the level of the body. On the level of the body you have become one, your mother and your father have melted - on the plane of the body. You have become one body. Out of two bodies a new unity has arisen, but it is only on the body, in the body, not deeper than the body. Deep in your mind you are split. And if you are split in your mind there is no way to go beyond the mind. Only a mind that has become a unity, integrated, one, becomes capable of going beyond it.

This sutra of Buddha is tremendously significant. A very simple sutra, but don’t take it literally. Of course literally also it is true, but it is the whole progress - how to become one, how to dissolve the twoness on all levels of your being, from the most gross to the most subtle, from the circumference to the center.how to drop all duality and come to a point where suddenly you are one.

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