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Chapter 3: A Slave in Your Own House

“According to the law” in the words of Buddha means: be in harmony with nature, existence. Don’t fight with it, don’t go against it. Don’t try to go upstream, to flow upstream. To be in a let-go with existence is to follow the law. Aes dhammo sanantano - this is the inexhaustible law .If you relax, if you allow the law to take you over, to possess you, you will be overflooded with it. You need not go on an ego trip. The river is already flowing to the ocean; you simply flow with the river. No need to swim either; float, and you will reach the ocean.

Master yourself according to the law. Buddha makes that condition, because the danger is that in trying to master yourself you may use the same strategy that you have been using in mastering others. That’s what so many monks have done in the past: just as they fight with others they start fighting with themselves, but the fight continues. The object changes, the enemy changes, but the fight continues.

And they fall into a far deeper mess, because when you fight with yourself you have to divide yourself in two, you have to become two parties. You have to condemn some part of your being as the enemy. It may be sex, it may be your body, it may be your mind, anything, but you have to divide yourself in two: the higher and the lower, the heavenly and the earthly, the material and the spiritual, the body and the soul, and then you start fighting. Then you are the soul, and fight the body. Again you have become an extrovert.

In fact, the introvert cannot fight; there is no possibility, because there is no other. With whom are you going to fight and who is going to fight, and for what? You alone are left; when you move inwards only your consciousness is there. There is no reason, no possibility to fight. Any effort to fight with yourself is bound to create a split in you, and that’s what has happened to the whole of humanity.

The whole humanity has been reduced to a state of neurosis; it is schizophrenia. Everybody is split, and your so-called religious people are responsible for this great calamity. Man is not functioning as a whole, not as an integrated whole; he functions as a divided, split personality. That’s why it is so difficult to trust man: one moment he says one thing, another moment just the opposite, because one moment he may be talking from one side of his being, his soul side; another moment he may be talking from the other side, the body side.

Howsoever you divide yourself, in reality you remain indivisible. You are not body and soul; you are bodysoul, you are psychosomatic, you are one individual, indivisible entity. Hence, Buddha reminds you: “Don’t start fighting with yourself in order to become a master.”

That’s what so many stupid people down the ages have been doing: fasting; torturing themselves - lying down on a bed of thorns; wounding their bodies; destroying their eyes; cutting off their sexual organs. Millions of people have done such stupid things. Studying them, they seem to be unbelievable.

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