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Chapter 1: The Divine Is You

Om, may the sun god give us his benediction.
May Varuna, the god of water, give us his benediction.
May Aryama, Indra, Brahaspati
and Vishnu give us their benediction.

My salutations to Brahman, the absolute reality.
O Vayu, god of air, salutations especially to you, because you are the Brahman manifest.

I shall call only you the manifest Brahman.
I shall also call you the truth, call you rit - the law.

May they protect me. May they protect the speaker.
Protect me. Protect the speaker.
Om, peace, peace, peace.

I will say only that which I know. I will say only that which you can also know. By knowing I mean living it. One may know even without living it, but such knowledge is a burden; one may sink because of it, but one cannot be saved by it. Knowing can be alive also. Such knowing renders us weightless - light so that we can fly in the sky. Only when knowing becomes living do wings grow, fetters break and the doors to the infinite become wide open.

But knowing is difficult; accumulating knowledge is easy. Mind chooses the easier and avoids the difficult. But the one who avoids the difficult will miss religion as well. One who wants to avoid not only the difficult but the impossible too will never ever come close to religion.

Religion is only for those who are ready to enter into the impossible. Religion is for the gamblers, not for the shopkeepers. Religion is neither a business deal nor a compromise. Religion is a wager. A gambler puts his wealth at stake; the religious person puts himself at stake because that is the ultimate wealth.

One who is not ready to stake his very life will never be able to know the hidden mysteries of life. Those secrets are not available cheaply. Knowledge is available very cheaply; knowledge is available from books, from scriptures, in education, with the teachers. Knowledge is available almost for free; you do not have to pay anything for it. In religion you have to pay heavily. It is not right even to say “heavily,” because only when someone stakes everything do the doors to that life open. The doors to that life open only for those who put this life at stake. To put this life at stake is the only key to the door of that life. But knowledge is very cheap, so the mind chooses the easier and the cheaper way. We learn things - words, doctrines - and think that we know. Such knowledge only enhances ignorance.

The ignorant person at least knows that he does not know; at least that much truth he has. But more untruthful people cannot be found than those whom we call knowledgeable. They don’t even know that they don’t know. Something heard, something committed to memory, deludes them into thinking they have also known.

I will say to you only that which I know, because only in saying that lies some value; because only that which I know can, if you are willing, vibrate the strings of your heart too with its living impact.

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