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Chapter 23: The Great Love Affair with the Universe

But how to protect you from being a hypocrite? The only way is, I should not give you any direct instructions about the path. On the contrary, I should give you so much thirst, so much longing, so much sweet pain in your heart, that the very longing starts finding its own path, making its own path. All of you will reach one day to the same height of consciousness, but from different directions, from different territories. It is beautiful that the whole existence, wherever you are, has a way towards the highest consciousness.

Nothing is wrong about your tears. And you are asking “Is it possible to indulge too much in this sensation in my heart?” No! You cannot indulge too much. There is no such thing as too much indulgence in love, too much indulgence in trust, too much indulgence in search, too much indulgence in longing, there is no such thing.

You are always less than your potential. Your potential is tremendous. But remember, these tears, this sweet pain in itself is not the goal. It is just the beginning of a long journey, a beautiful journey. So don’t stop at it. That is the only possibility of missing. Indulge as much as you can manage. And the more you can manage, the more you will be able to see that much more is still possible. There is no end to it, but don’t make it your whole lifestyle, it is just a beginning. The seed is dissolving, and there is pain, and the new sprouts will be coming. But nowhere is there a stop. Just go on growing; you will pass through many different climates. Just keep the thread of longing alive and you cannot go astray.

The only fear is, I remind you again, that you may start enjoying this suffering. If it is not becoming a search, it will become a suffering. That’s how masochists are created in the world. They start loving their suffering. Tears are beautiful, but just to remain at tears is dangerous. Who is going to reach the ocean? Your tears have to become oceans, you have to move onwards. Your longing has to become deeper and deeper every day. Tears are a good beginning. And these same tears will bring you to greater joys than you have ever dreamed of.

Mendel Kravitz saves up for many years to buy a really fine tailor-made suit, his very first. But after he’s been out in it for an hour, he notices that there are things wrong with it. He goes back to the tailor.

“The arms are too long,” says Mendel.

“No problem,” replies the tailor. “Just hold your arms out further and bend at the elbows.”

“But the trouser legs are too long,” says Mendel.

“Right,” replies the tailor. “No problem, just walk with your knees bent.”

“But the collar is too high, it’s halfway up the back of my head!” says Mendel.

“Okay, just poke your head out further,” says the tailor.

So Mendel goes out into the world with his first tailor-made suit. As he’s passing a couple in the street, the woman says, “Look at that poor man! He must have had polio.”

“Yes,” her husband replies. “But he must have a great tailor, his suit fits him perfectly.”

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