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Chapter 18: Logic Is a Prostitute

The third world war, if it happens, is going to be the death of the youth who have not even known a few springs of life, who have not known anything about this beautiful earth. It is natural that they will be utterly frustrated with the whole world.

Out of that frustration, if the youth commit suicide they are slapping your faces, they are saying, “Before you commit the suicide of the whole world, at least we want to be individuals. We could not be individuals because of you - your religion, your politics, your vested interests in life. But at least give us freedom so that we can commit suicide and at least have one moment of individuality - our own decision. We are not going to die according to the decisions of Ronald Reagan.”

Their suicides are significant; they are not ordinary suicides which people have committed down the ages. They are question marks on your society, your family, your religion, and the way you are running the world.

I have something to say to the youth: Don’t be so pessimistic. Committing suicide is very easy; it is not a difficult task. And by committing suicide you are not going to prevent the global suicide that is coming on. When you are ready to commit suicide, risk your life, then why not risk your life in a rebellion against all old values? Destroy the church, destroy nations, destroy any discrimination between colors. Destroy the inequality between man and woman. Destroy poverty from the earth.

You have nothing to lose.

You were going to commit suicide, but before committing suicide at least do a few necessary things. Perhaps the transformation that you bring about may prevent the world from being destroyed, and you may not need to commit suicide. You may live to love and celebrate the great gift of life that existence has given to you. Don’t throw it away because others are behaving idiotically. For their fault, don’t punish yourself. And when you have decided to commit suicide, then there is no problem, you can risk everything.

I need people who are ready to commit suicide because these are the only people who can become sannyasins. Sannyas is also a suicide - but not your suicide. It is the declaration that the society is dead and we don’t want to live in a graveyard; we would like to create our own society and we would like to create our own life.

Don’t be in a hurry. Life is so precious; don’t throw it away like that. There is no need. You can see my people who are in the same situation - but rather than committing suicide they have decided to transform their lives in spite of the ugly society in which they are living. They have ignored the society. They have accepted the death of the society and the civilization and the religion. They are dead. Do you think any religion is alive?

The religion that blossomed with Gautam Buddha died with Gautam Buddha. The song that arose with Lao Tzu disappeared with the death of Lao Tzu. The dance of Meera died with Meera. This is the natural course of things.

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