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Chapter 6: The One, Indivisible

“The divine reaches far and wide even as it remains in one place. It moves everywhere even as it sleeps. Who better than I can know this divine which does not swell with pride at its own opulence?”

“By knowing the great, the omnipresent divine, which is bodiless and unchanging within the ever-changing body, the intelligent one becomes free from all sorrow and grief.”

“The divine is not known through speaking, through intellect or through listening to lengthy discourses. The divine can be known only by one that it has already chosen. For this one, the divine reveals its true nature.”

“Although refined of intellect, one who has not become free of unconscious conduct, or who is not serene, or whose mind and senses are undisciplined, or whose mind is not peaceful, cannot know the divine.”

“No one knows where and how the divine is. All living beings, at the time of pralaya, the dissolution of the universe, will become food for it; and even death, the destroyer of all, will become no more than a garnish for it.”

“In the human body, which is the fruit of conscious deeds, there is an entity which lives in the sky of the heart, the true abode of the divine, and which savors the truth that is hidden in the miraculous recesses of the intellect. There is also the entity which suffers the inescapable impact of past actions. These two are not the same. Like sunlight and shadow, the two are different from each other - so it is said by the great wise ones, those who know the supreme reality. The grihasthas, the householders, who have thrice chosen the Naachiket Fire and who are endowed with panchagni, the five fires, also say the same.”

“May all beings be worthy of knowing and attaining to the Naachiket Fire, the bridge which can take those who perform the yagnas, the fire rituals, beyond this ocean of suffering to ineffable supreme being. This supreme being is the abode of fearlessness for those who long to cross the ocean of this world of illusion.”

“Nachiketa, understand the embodied soul to be the rider in the chariot, the body to be the chariot, intelligence to be the charioteer and mind to be the reins.

“In this metaphor of the chariot, the sages say that the senses are the horses, the sense-objects the roads for the chariot to travel on, and the embodied soul living in identification with the body, the senses and the mind is the bhokta, the experiencer.”

“For one who lives unconsciously and who has a restless mind, his senses are uncontrollable, like the untamed horses of a careless charioteer.”

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