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Chapter 7: I Have Heard

Then there is the fourth kind, the devotee, which is open from all the sides, which has come with no a priori conclusion, which has come just to be with the master in all the seasons, in all the climates. He makes no conditions, he has no conditions. He will hear more totally, his hearing will be multidimensional, but still he will not hear exactly what the master is saying. He will be the best hearer out of all others, but still he is not on the same plane as the master.

That is the fifth category, nameless category.Then there is no need to speak even, no need to hear. One sits with the master and that’s enough. Whether he speaks or not is not the point, just being with the master is enough, just to be with him is enough. And there is some movement between the two centers - invisible, intangible. Something transpires which is unspeakable, inexpressible. Only this fifth type person is capable of reporting, but he will be very conscious in reporting. He will always say, “I have heard.”

And my feeling is Ko Hsuan cannot say, “The venerable master said;” he can only say, “I have heard the venerable master say.”

A veterinarian came to a small Italian farm to give artificial insemination to some cows.

“Lady,” he says, “have you everything ready? A towel, soap, a bucket of hot water?”

“Of course, everything is here, and on this hook you can hang your trousers,” replied the woman.

The teacher asks the class to mention an object round and hairy. A boy raises his hand and says, “The coconut!”

“Very good!” says the teacher.

Then Pierino raises his hand and says, “Billiard’s balls!”

“No, Pierino,” replies the teacher. “Billiards balls are smooth not hairy.”

“No, it is not true - I saw them!” cries Pierino. “Look!” and turning to the boy next to him says, “Billiard, show your balls to the teacher!”

A young officer joining his first regiment is being interviewed by the colonel. The usual conversation concerning family connections is in progress.

“So your name is Fortescue,” says the colonel. “Tell me, young man, was your grandfather Fortescue of the 68th Leicestershire Rifles?”

“Yes, sir, actually,” replies the young officer.

“Splendid! So your father’s a Fortescue - might I guess Major Fortescue of the 9th Cumberland Infantry Regiment?”

“Why, yes, sir!”

“Are you married?” asks the colonel.

“Yes, sir. But my wife is joining me later - she is in bed with cramps.”

“Not Cramps of the 33rd?”

A little boy and his father are listening to a speaker.

“Comrades!” starts the speaker.

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