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Chapter 7: Live One Day As a Buddha

He is a very unique child. It is unfortunate that he is missing these two days otherwise he would have enjoyed. When, in a story, the sun said to Mikhail Gorbachev, “Now I’m in the West - fuck you!” he rolled down on the ground. He understood that this is great. And when I was telling a story about an advocate - that he is a lion in the court - even before I could say it, I heard him saying silently, “In the home he is a rat.” But every husband is in the same situation.

We need a world.a new man, a new woman, a new child, who has intelligence. Not to imitate, not to deceive, but to stand on his own with power and integrity. Even if it means that he will be condemned by the whole world, it does not matter. What ultimately matters is that you have your own face.

In other words, we practice something impracticable and express something inexpressible.

Remember it. When you are watering the rose bush, remember that its beauty, its flowers, its greenness is so profound, but it is inexpressible. Never forget that this experience of beauty is as inexpressible as the experience of your own self. If you just watch, you will find in your life, in each moment, things which are inexpressible. You have just become accustomed. Your becoming accustomed is just a forgetfulness.

Socrates remembered at the last moment of his life, “I don’t know anything. Let it be remembered by the coming generations that I didn’t know.”

He was proclaimed by the Oracle of Delphi as the wisest man in the whole world. The people who had heard the oracle went to Socrates with great joy to tell him what the oracle had said. Socrates said, “Just please go and tell the oracle that this time the oracle has been wrong. As far as I know, I know nothing.”

The people were sad. They went back to Delphi and told the oracle what Socrates had said. “He says, ‘I don’t know anything at all,’ and you call him the wisest man in the world.”

The oracle laughed and said, “Exactly because of this I call him the wisest man of the world - because he has come to the point where he knows that he knows nothing.”

Only in this space your potentiality blossoms to its totality. It is not knowledge - it is so deep that you can call it a heartbeat, or, perhaps more deeply, you can call it the heartbeat of the universe itself. But you cannot call it knowledge. And there is no way to express it.

If you can remember this in your everyday affairs.Do you think you know your child? Have you ever thought about it; that your child has come through you but he is a mystery coming from the beyond? You cannot possess him. You can take care of this mysterious expression of life, you can love him. But you should not condition him, you should not take him to the church or to the synagogue or to the temple to start the conditioning process which destroys his innocence and takes away his authenticity.

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