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Chapter 11: Truth: Not a Dogma but a Dance

But all three speak different languages, which are not translatable into each other. And the deeper you go, the more difficult it becomes to translate, because at the very center of your being there is nothing but silence. Now, how to translate silence into sound? The moment you translate silence into sound you have destroyed it. Even music cannot translate it. Perhaps music comes closest, but still it is sound.

Poetry does not come quite as close as music, because words, howsoever beautiful, are still words. They don’t have life in them; they are dead. How can you translate life into something dead? Yes, perhaps between the words you may have a glimpse here and there - but it is between the words, between the lines, not in the words, not in the lines.

This is the most fundamental error of all religions: that they have deceived humanity by blatantly posing as if they know all. But every day they have been exposed and their “knowledge” has been exposed; hence, they have been fighting with any progress from knowledge.

If Galileo finds that the earth moves around the sun, the pope is angry. The pope is infallible; he is only a representative of Jesus, but he is infallible. What to say about Jesus - he is the only begotten son of God, and what to say about God. But in the Bible, which is a book descended from heaven, written by God, the sun goes around the earth.

Now, Galileo creates a problem. If Galileo is right, then God is wrong; God’s only begotten son is wrong, the only begotten son’s representatives for these two thousand years - all the popes who are infallible - are wrong. Just a single man, Galileo, destroys the whole pretension. He exposes the whole hypocrisy; his mouth has to be shut. He was old, dying, on his deathbed, but he was forced, almost dragged, to the court of the pope to ask for an apology.

And the pope demanded, “Change it in your book, because the holy book cannot be wrong. You are a mere human being; you can be wrong but Jesus Christ cannot be wrong, God himself cannot be wrong, hundreds of infallible popes cannot be wrong. You are standing against God, his son, and his representatives. You simply have to change it!”

Galileo must have been a man with an immense sense of humor - which I count to be one of the great qualities of a religious man. Only idiots are serious, they are bound to be serious. To be able to laugh you need a little intelligence.

It is said that an Englishman laughs twice when he hears a joke: once, just to be nice to the fellow who is telling the joke, out of etiquette, mannerism; and secondly, in the middle of the night when he gets the meaning of the joke. The German laughs only once, just to show that he has understood it. The Jew never laughs; he simply says, “In the first place you are telling it all wrong.”

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