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Chapter 18: The Good Shepherd: The Butcher’s Best Friend

This is a strategy to destroy people’s thinking. The moment they think of crusade, they don’t think there is anything wrong: they are fighting for God against the devil. And there is no God and no devil - you are simply fighting and killing people. And what business is it of yours anyway? If God cannot destroy the devil, do you think you can? If God is impotent and cannot destroy the devil, then can this Polack pope do it? Can these Christians do it? Can Jesus do it? And for eternity God has lived with the devil.

Even now the forces of evil are far more powerful than the forces of good, for the simple reason that the forces of good are also in the hands of the forces of evil.

Calling war religious, holy, is the cause of war - because the first world war happened in the Christian context, the second world war happened in the Christian context, and the third world war is going to happen in the Christian context.

There are other religions also, but why did these two great wars happen in the Christian context? Christianity cannot save itself from taking the responsibility. Once you create the idea that war can be holy then you cannot monopolize the idea.

Adolf Hitler was saying to his people, “This war is holy”; it was a crusade. He was simply using Christianity’s contribution. He was a Christian, and he believed himself to be the reincarnation of the prophet, Elijah. He thought himself equal to Jesus Christ, perhaps better, because what Jesus could not do, he was trying to do. All that Jesus succeeded in doing was getting crucified. Adolf Hitler was almost successful. If he had succeeded - which was ninety-nine percent possible, just by one percent he missed - then the whole world would have been purified of all that is Jewish, of all that is non-Christian. What would have remained?

And do you know? - Adolf Hitler was blessed by the German archbishop, who told him, “You are going to win because Christ is with you and God is with you.” And the same fools were blessing Winston Churchill, saying, “God is with you and Christ is with you - you are sure to win.” The same fools, even bigger ones, were in the Vatican, because the Vatican is just part of Rome, and Mussolini was being blessed by the pope - a representative, an infallible representative, of Jesus Christ.

One can think the German archbishop is not infallible, the archbishop of England is not infallible - we can forgive them, fallible people - what about the pope, who for centuries has been claimed by the Christians to be infallible? Now, this infallible pope blesses Mussolini for victory because “he is fighting for Jesus Christ and God” - and Mussolini and Adolf Hitler are one party. Together they are trying to win the whole world.

Perhaps the pope was hoping that if Mussolini wins then Christianity will have a chance to become the universal religion. They have been trying for two thousand years to make Christianity the universal religion, to destroy all other religions. It is not only that Christianity has contributed to the idea of war..

In Jainism there is no question of holy war.

Every war is unholy.

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