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Chapter 17: The Point of No Return

The moment you also start living like a rosebush, rising like a sun, floating like a white cloud, you have come to a profound understanding of the mysterious, of the miraculous truth of existence.

A woman friend of mine often uses the words male ego about me, which I feel is not true about me.
From the very beginning I have been open and vulnerable to feminine energy, which is teaching me to become a disciple every day. Moreover, I have felt that when she used this word there was some kind of hatred towards men.
Osho, can you explain what the male ego is, and what it means when a woman uses this expression about a man?

The ego is simply the ego; it is neither male nor female. But man has been very inhuman towards women for centuries, continuously. And the strange thing is that the man has been so cruel and inhuman towards women because he feels a deep inferiority complex in comparison to them. The greatest problem has been that the woman is capable of becoming a mother; she is capable of giving birth to life, and man is not. That was the beginning of the feeling of inferiority: that nature depends on woman, not on man.

Moreover, he has found that she is in many ways stronger than him. For example, for every one hundred and fifteen boys that are born, only one hundred girls are born, because fifteen boys will pop off by the time they become sexually mature, but the girls will remain; they have a certain stamina. Women fall sick less often than men. Women commit suicide less often than men - although they talk about suicide more, they simply talk. At the most they take sleeping pills, but always in such a small quantity that they never die. Men commit suicide in almost double the numbers. Women live five years longer than men.

Women are more patient, more tolerant than men. Men are very impatient and very intolerant. Women are less violent than men. Women don’t commit murders; it is the man who commits murders, who wages crusades, who is always getting ready for war, who invents all kinds of deadly weapons, atomic bombs, nuclear weapons.

The woman is completely out of this whole game of death.

Hence it was no coincidence that man started feeling somehow inferior. And nobody wants to be inferior; the only way was to force the woman in artificial ways to become inferior. For example, not to allow her education, not to allow her economic freedom, not to allow her to move out of the house, but confine her to an imprisonment. It seems almost unbelievable what man has done to woman just to get rid of his inferiority. He has made the woman artificially inferior.