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Chapter 2: No Sin, No Virtue

When this moment arrives, great compassion happens. Buddha has said that those who know are bound to feel compassion for those who don’t know. They start trying to help. And the first thing that has to be done is to communicate to people who are blind that eyes are possible, that you are not really blind but only keeping your eyes closed. You can open your eyes. You are not born blind, you have only been taught to remain blind.

Your society teaches you to be blind because the society needs blind people. They are good slaves because they are always dependent on the leaders, politicians, pundits, priests. They are very convenient people, they never create any trouble. They are never rebels. They are obedient, always ready to submit to any kind of nonsense, to any stupid politician, to any stupid priest.

And in fact, who else wants to be a politician except stupid people, and who wants to be a priest except stupid people? These are the dimensions for the mediocre, for the inferior. Those who are suffering from an inferiority complex, they become politicians - just to prove that they are not inferior, to the world and to themselves.

The society, the establishment, wants you to be blind. From the very beginning it teaches every child: “You are blind”; it conditions every child: “You are blind.” Your whole educational system is nothing but a conspiracy against every child - to keep you blind. It does not teach you meditation, because meditation is the art of opening your eyes.

When somebody arrives at awareness he naturally feels great compassion. All around he sees that people - who have eyes, who have inbuilt capacities to see the truth, who are from their very birth capable of becoming buddhas, enlightened ones, awakened ones - are suffering. And this whole suffering is ridiculous, it need not be so. Compassion happens and compassion starts communicating, but communication is difficult, impossible.

Buddha speaks from the hilltop and you live in the dark valleys where light never reaches. He talks in words of light; by the time they reach you their meaning changes. By the time your mind catches hold of them it colors them in its own color.

It is not only so about buddhas - even ordinary communication seems to be impossible. The husband cannot communicate with his wife, the parents cannot communicate with their children, the teachers cannot communicate with their students. What to say about buddhas? People who exist on the same level, even they cannot communicate, because words are tricky things. You say one thing, but the moment it reaches the other person then it is in his power how to interpret it.

The Queen was traveling in England’s back country when she saw a man, his wife, and a flock of children. Impressed, the Queen asked, “Are all of these your children?”

“Yes, Your Highness,” answered the man.

“How many children do you have?” asked the English sovereign.

Sixteen, was the reply.

“Sixteen children,” repeated Her Highness. “We should give you a knighthood.”

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