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Chapter 19: The Three-Rung Ladder of Love

Now the greatest gibberish that is “in” is psychological. Freud really created a new language: psychoanalysis is nothing but a new language. For small things, for things which everybody understands, he will find such difficult words: Oedipus complex - for a small thing, that every boy loves his mother. Now if you say every boy loves his mother, nobody can think that you are very learned, but if you say, “This boy suffers from an Oedipus complex,” it sounds.

One Jewish lady was talking to the neighbor, and she said, “The psychoanalyst who is treating my son has said that my son suffers from an Oedipus complex.”

And the neighbor lady said, “Oedipus schmoedipus! Doesn’t matter, still he is a good boy and loves his mother!”

Now, this word inferiority complex.. There is nothing like inferiority complex, all that is there is the phenomenon of the ego. And because of the phenomenon of the ego, two things are possible. If you are egoistic you are bound to compare yourself with others. The ego cannot exist without comparison, hence if you really want to drop the ego, drop comparing. And you will be surprised: where has the ego gone? Compare and it is there; it is there only in comparison. It is not an actuality, it is a fiction created out of comparison.

For example, you are passing through a garden and you come across a very big tree - compare: the tree is so big, suddenly you are so small. If you don’t compare, you enjoy the tree; there is no problem at all. The tree is big - so what! So let it be big, you are not a tree. And there are other trees also which are not so big, but they are not suffering from any inferiority complex. I have never come across a tree which suffers from an inferiority complex or from a superiority complex. Even a large tree: a Lebanon cedar - even that tree does not suffer from a superiority complex, because comparison does not exist.

Man creates comparison because ego is possible only if continuously nourished by comparison. But then you will have two outcomes: sometimes you will feel superior, and sometimes you will feel inferior. And the possibility of feeling inferior is greater than the possibility of feeling superior, because there are millions of people - somebody is more beautiful than you, somebody is taller than you, somebody is stronger than you, somebody seems to be more intelligent than you, somebody is more learned than you, somebody is more successful, somebody is more famous, somebody is this, somebody is that. If you just go on comparing millions of people, you will gather a great inferiority complex. It doesn’t exist, it is your creation.

Those who are more mad, they suffer from a superiority complex. They are so mad that when they compare they cannot see that there are millions of people who are different in many ways and superior in many ways. They are so obsessed with the ego that they remain closed to anything that is superior; they always look at the inferior. It is said that people like to meet people who are in some way inferior to them; it gives them great nourishment. People like people who support your ego.

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