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Chapter 21: Little Ernie is Your Brother

Today after I finished lunch, my Coke was just sitting in front of me on the table, but I waited and waited for Shunyo.

Finally she showed up. She said, “You have finished?”

I said, “I have finished long ago, I am just waiting for my Coke.”

She said, “But the Coke is here.”

I said, “It is there, that’s what I am thinking. The Coke is here; I am here - nothing is happening. I am simply waiting for someone.”

These people, you don’t know.Anando opens the door and forces me into my bathroom: “It is time to take a bath.”

I said, “This is strange, I could have walked myself.”

They don’t even allow me to open the door of the car.!

I have looked many times - at the most, half a page will do for my autobiography, and the rest of my life I have been sleeping. Seeing the fact that for eternity one has to sleep, I thought, why bother? Just start it right now.

My physician, Dr. Amrito goes on trying to cure my troubles. My hand hurts - he has been injecting it as many times as he wants. I am so lazy that I will not even stop.so let them do what they want to do. Finally, this morning I said, “Just wait a few days. When I am gone keep my skeleton and study it well, and wherever things are incorrect correct them. Why torture me unnecessarily now?”

I don’t have any personal life. Just today I told Hasya not to answer any letter from anybody who addresses me as “friend,” because I don’t have any friend.

I don’t take any responsibility. Once you accept somebody as a friend you have accepted somebody to be an enemy in the future. It is better from the very beginning to be on the safe side. Already I have so many enemies, why go on increasing them?

A person who is asking questions, but is not ready to be a disciple does not deserve to be answered either, because disciple simply means one who is capable of learning. And a person who himself is accepting that, “I am not going to be a disciple, but I want these questions to be answered” - why should I bother? He has not even the respect.

You don’t ask spiritual questions to your friends; you don’t ask questions about meditation and the inner life to your friends. Friends are in the same boat; I am not your friend. I may call you friends just out of my love, but that does not mean that you can call me your friend. The moment you call me your friend, I am not going to answer, because you are in the same state of consciousness as I am.what is the point of answering? You must know!

If you want to learn you have to be a learner, a disciple. If, because of my love, I call you my friend that does not give you the permission to start calling me your friend.

The distance between our consciousnesses is infinite.

I am calling you from a sunlit peak.

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