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Chapter 14: With Infinite Awaiting

What shall I say to you today? We will be departing this evening and I see that your hearts are already heavy at the very thought of that moment. It was only five days ago that we all came here to this lonely place - and who thought of departure then?

But don’t forget that going is inevitably inherent in coming. They are two sides of the same coin. Although they can only be seen separately they are simultaneously together. Because of the gap of time between them we become deluded. But anyone who looks a little deeper will find that in meeting itself parting is inherent, that in happiness itself sorrow is inherent and that in birth itself death is inherent. Indeed there is hardly any difference between coming and going - or rather, there is no difference at all. It is the same in life. Hardly have you come, than the process of going has begun. And isn’t what we call staying merely a preparation for leaving?

Really, what is the distance between birth and death? The distance between them can become vast, infinite. If your life becomes a spiritual attainment, this distance will become infinite. If your life becomes a spiritual attainment, death will become moksha, ultimate liberation. While there is not much distance between birth and death, the distance, the difference between birth and moksha is infinite. That distance is as great as the one between body and soul, between a dream and the truth. That distance is the greatest. No two points are further apart.

The illusion that “I am the body” is death; the realization that “I am the soul” is moksha, ultimate liberation. And life is an opportunity for the realization of this truth. If this opportunity is used properly and not wasted in vain, the distance between birth and death becomes infinite.

There can be, as well, a great distance between your coming here and your departure - a tremendous distance, in just the few days we have spent here. Isn’t it possible that the one who is returning is no more the same as the one who had come? Isn’t it possible you may return as an entirely new and transformed person?

If you want it, this revolution or transformation can take place in a single moment. Five days are too many. Otherwise it may not even take place in five life times, what to say of five days? Just one moment of will, of total will, is enough. A whole life without will is nothing.

Remember that will, not time, is the important thing. The achievements of the world happen in time; those of truth, in will. The intensity of will gives a fathomless depth and an infinite expanse to a single moment. As a matter of fact, in the intensity of will, time ceases to exist and only eternity remains.

Will is the door which liberates you from time and unites you with eternity. Let your will deepen and intensify. Let it pervade your every breath. Let it be in your memory, asleep or awake. Only through it can a new birth take place, a birth which knows no death. That alone is real birth.

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