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Chapter 6: The Purity of Yoga

The first question:

You said that Patanjali’s Yoga is an exact science, absolutely logical, in which the result is as certain as two plus two make four. If the attainment of the unknown and infinite can be reduced to mere logic, is it not true and at the same time absurd that the infinite phenomenon is within the orbit of the finite mind?

It looks absurd, it looks illogical, but existence is absurd and existence is illogical. The sky is infinite, but it can be reflected in a very tiny pool; the infinite sky can be reflected in a small mirror. Of course the whole of it will not be reflected, it cannot be reflected. But the part is also the whole and the part also belongs to the sky.

The human mind is just a mirror. If it is pure then the infinite can have the reflection in it. The reflection will not be the infinite. It will be just a part, a glimpse, but that glimpse becomes the door. Then, by and by, you can leave the mirror behind and enter into the infinite, leave the reflection behind and enter into the real.

Out of your window, the small frame of the window, the infinite sky is there. You can look through the window. You will not see the whole sky, of course, but whatsoever you see is the sky. The only thing to remember is, don’t think that whatsoever you have seen is the infinite. It may be of the infinite, it is not the infinite. So whatsoever the human mind can conceive may be divine, but it is just a part of it, a glimpse. If you continuously remember that, then there is no fallacy. Then, by and by, destroy the frame. By and by, destroy the mind completely so the mirror is no longer there and you are freed from the reflection and you enter the reality.

On the surface it looks absurd. How, in such a tiny mind, can there be any contact with the eternal, with the infinite, with the endless? A second thing has also to be understood. This tiny mind is also not really tiny, because it is also part of the infinite. It looks tiny because of you, it looks finite because of you. You have created the boundaries. The boundaries are false. Even your tiny mind belongs to the infinite, it is part of it.

And there are many things to be understood. One of the most paradoxical things about the infinite is this: that the part is always equal to the whole - because you cannot divide the infinite. All divisions are false. It may be utilitarian to divide it: I can say that the sky on my house, on my terrace, is my sky - as India says that the sky on the Indian continent is Indian sky. What do you mean? You cannot divide the sky. It cannot be Indian or Chinese, it is an undivided expanse. It begins nowhere, it ends nowhere.

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