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Chapter 2: Matter and Consciousness Are One

The universe is an expansion of energy, and life is the crystallization of this energy.

What we see as matter, what we see as stone, is also energy. What is seen as life, what is experienced as thought, what is felt like consciousness, is also a transformation of energy. The whole cosmos - whether it is the waves of the sea or the pine trees of the forest, or the grains of sand or the stars in the skies, or that which is within us - all are manifestations of the same energy in infinite forms and ways.

It is difficult to say where we begin and where we end. It is equally difficult to say where our body ends. We take our body to be our limit, but the body is not limited in itself. If the sun, which is a hundred million miles away, cools down, we will instantly freeze to death. This means that the sun is ever present in our beings, is a part of our bodies. As soon as it loses its heat, we will perish. The heat of the sun is the heat of our bodies.

There is an ocean of air currents all around us from which we draw our vital energy - the life breath. If it ceases to be available to us, we will die immediately. Where does the body end? If you investigate fully, then the whole universe is our body. Our body is limitless and infinite. And if you search correctly, you will find that the center of life is everywhere and it is expanding everywhere.

But to know it, to experience it, it is essential that we become energy that is tremendously alive.

What I call meditation is another name for freeing the flow of energy that has become blocked in us. So when you enter into meditation, the hidden energy may awaken with such force that it connects with the energy on the outside. As soon as this connection is established, we become like tiny leaves floating in the infinite ocean of winds. Then our separate existence is lost and we become one with the infinite.

What is it that is known after becoming one with the infinite? Up to now man has tried in every way to say it, but it could not be said. Kabir says:

I searched for him and searched much.
Whilst searching, I lost myself.
He was found for sure,
but only when I was no more.
Who can now say what it is that has been found,
and how to say it?

Kabir subsequently changed what he said when he first had this experience, he. When he experienced truth, godliness, for the first time, he said: “It seems that the drop has entered into the ocean.” His words are:

Searching on and on, O my friend,
Kabir lost himself.
A drop merged in the ocean;
how can it be found again?

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