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Chapter 1: Never Be the First in the World

Simply, everything looks foolish. The whole of science is war-oriented, violence-oriented, destructive. If everything goes well with sex - which is very difficult because all religions are against it, they poison your mind. It is difficult because the whole civilization, all cultures, are against it - because they have come to know a trick: if you want to exploit a man, pervert his sex; then he can never become a master of his own being. Just pervert his sex and he will remain an automaton. Then you can send him to the wars, and you can sacrifice him for foolish ends.

A man who has known love cannot be forced to hate. A man who has even come to glimpses of love will be so loving, it will be very difficult for him to be destructive. But all nations need destructive people who are boiling within with destructiveness, who are in a way insane; otherwise what will happen to the armies of the world? A certain insanity is needed for a man to become a soldier.

If life is beautiful and love is showering who bothers to go to the war? And who wants to become a soldier? You are here not to destroy but to fulfill. So every culture, every religion, every nation, without any exception tries to pervert your sexuality, they don’t allow you to enjoy yourself. They don’t allow you to be natural. Once you are natural then you are beyond their control. You can be controlled only when you are ill.

That’s why I say: If everything goes well, and if sex remains natural, then - the second: through deeper sex, love arises.

Love is not sexual but it arises out of sexuality, that has to be understood.

It is just like a lotus flower coming out of dirt and mud. But it is not dirt, and it is not mud. It is a total transformation of them. Between sex and love there is as much distance as there is between muddy water, mud, and a lotus flower. If you had not known it already you could not have imagined that this lotus has come out of ordinary mud. Impossible to conceive, to comprehend, because the lotus is such a transformed phenomenon. So different. Of some other world. It does not seem to be part of this earth. But it comes out of this earth.

Love arises as a lotus.

As science - particularly destructive science - politics, money and money-oriented search, possessiveness, belong to the body and belong to sex, so, art, poetry, music, painting, sculpture, belong to the second layer of love. When your love is flowing, when you have come to know a certain en rapportness with a person, a certain oneness with a person, although only for moments - that too is enough to change the whole life. If even for a single moment you have come to feel that two persons have dissolved and become one - in sex two bodies dissolve and become one; in love two minds dissolve and become one - if for a single moment you have known that oneness, your life will become a poetry, your life will have a dance to it, your life will have a deep harmony and music in it.

The third is prayer. When you have looked into existence through one person - your beloved, your husband, your wife, your friend, your child, your master, if you have looked into one person and you have seen infinity, if you looked into one person’s window and the whole sky of infinity opened, now you know that love can move higher - it can become prayer.

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